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DC Comics for July 14th, 2021

A solid lineup of DC offerings

The Action Comics and The Flash annuals arrive from DC this week alongside new issues of Detective Comics, Infinite Frontier, and Wonder Woman.


Action Comics 2021 Annual #1 (Cover A Scott Godlewski), $5.99
Action Comics 2021 Annual #1 (Cover B Valentine De Landro Card Stock Variant), $6.99
Batman And Scooby-Doo Mysteries #4 (Of 12), $2.99
Batman The Detective #4 (Of 6)(Cover A Andy Kubert), $3.99
Batman The Detective #4 (Of 6)(Cover B Andy Kubert Card Stock Variant), $4.99
Batman Urban Legends #5 (Cover A David Finch), $7.99
Batman Urban Legends #5 (Cover B Tyler Kirkham), $7.99
Batman Urban Legends #5 (Cover C Mimi Yoon), $7.99
Challenge Of The Super Sons #4 (Of 7)(Cover A Simone Di Meo), $3.99
Challenge Of The Super Sons #4 (Of 7)(Cover B Nick Bradshaw Card Stock Variant), $4.99
DC Horror Presents The Conjuring The Lover #1 (Of 5)(Garry Brown 2nd Printing Variant Cover), $3.99
DC Poster Portfolio Joelle Jones TP, $24.99
DCeased Unkillables TP, $17.99
Detective Comics #1039 (Cover A Dan Mora), $4.99
Detective Comics #1039 (Cover B Lee Bermejo Card Stock Variant), $5.99
Flash 2021 Annual #1 (Cover A Brandon Peterson), $5.99
Flash 2021 Annual #1 (Cover B Brett Booth Card Stock Variant), $6.99
Future State Gotham #3 (Cover A Simone Di Meo), $3.99
Future State Gotham #3 (Cover B Rose Besch Card Stock Variant), $4.99
Future State Suicide Squad TP, $19.99
Green Lantern Season Two Volume 2 Ultrawar HC, $24.99
Infinite Frontier #2 (Of 6)(Cover A Mitch Gerads), $4.99
Infinite Frontier #2 (Of 6)(Cover B Bryan Hitch Card Stock Variant), $5.99
Infinite Frontier #2 (Of 6)(Cover C Puppeteer Lee Card Stock Variant), AR
Injustice Year Zero The Complete Collection HC, $24.99
Joker #5 (Cover A Guillem March), $5.99
Joker #5 (Cover B Kaare Andrews), $5.99
Joker #5 (Cover C Sean Phillips), $5.99
Joker #5 (Cover D Riccardo Federici), AR
Justice League Last Ride #3 (Of 7)(Cover A Darick Robertson), $3.99
Justice League Last Ride #3 (Of 7)(Cover B Riccardo Federici Card Stock Variant), $4.99
Nice House On The Lake #1 (Of 12)(Alvaro Martinez Bueno 2nd Printing Variant Cover), $3.99
Nice House On The Lake #1 (Of 12)(Werther Dell’Edera 2nd Printing Variant Cover), AR
Rorschach #10 (Of 12)(Cover A Jorge Fornes), $4.99
Rorschach #10 (Of 12)(Cover B Jenny Frison), $4.99
Suicide Squad Their Greatest Shots TP, $12.99
Wonder Woman #775 (Cover A Travis Moore), $4.99
Wonder Woman #775 (Cover B Becky Cloonan Card Stock Variant), $5.99

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The Flash 2021 Annual (DC Comics)

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