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IDW Publishing Comics for July 13th, 2016

Loads to choose from IDW this week including the latest Dungeons & Dragons, Star TrekThe X-Files and the return of The Powerpuff Girls.

Adventures Of Dieter Lumpen GN, $49.99
Al Williamson’s Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back Artist’s Edition HC, AR
Archangel #2 (Of 5)(Cover A Tula Lotay), $3.99
Back To The Future #10 (Cover A Marcelo Ferreira), $3.99
Back To The Future #10 (Cover B Philip Murphy), $3.99
Back To The Future #10 (Cover C Alex Sanchez Rom Variant), $3.99
Deviations In A World Where Everything Changed TP, $19.99
Dragonlance Legends Volume 1 Time Of The Twins TP, $19.99
Dungeons And Dragons #3 (Of 5)(Cover A Max Dunbar), $3.99
Dungeons And Dragons #3 (Of 5)(Cover B Nelson Daniel), $3.99
Dungeons And Dragons #3 (Of 5)(Cover C Ben Oliver), AR
Eighth Seal TP, $19.99
Gutter Magic TP, $19.99
Insufferable On The Road #6 (Cover A Peter Krause), $3.99
Insufferable On The Road #6 (Cover B Nolan Woodard), $3.99
Love Addict Confessions Of A Serial Dater TP, $24.99
Maxx Maxximized #33 (Cover A Sam Kieth), $3.99
Maxx Maxximized #33 (Cover B Sam Kieth), $3.99
Mickey Mouse Shorts Season 1 #1 (Of 4)(Cover A Andy Suriano), $3.99
Mickey Mouse Shorts Season 1 #1 (Of 4)(Cover B Paul Rudish), $3.99
Mickey Mouse Shorts Season 1 #1 (Of 4)(Cover C Tara Billinger), $3.99
Our Patterned World A Beautiful Coloring Book TP, $16.99
Powerpuff Girls #1 (Cover A Derek Charm), $3.99
Powerpuff Girls #1 (Cover B Paulina Ganucheau), $3.99
Powerpuff Girls #1 (Cover C Jay Hasrajani), AR
Ragnarok #9 (Cover A Walter Simonson), $4.99
Ragnarok #9 (Cover B Bill Sienkiewicz), $4.99
Satellite Falling #3 (Cover A Stephen Thompson), $3.99
Satellite Falling #3 (Cover B Logan Miller), $3.99
Star Trek #59 (Cover A Tony Shasteen), $3.99
Star Trek #59 (Cover B Josh Adams), $3.99
Star Trek #59 (Cover C Drew Moss Rom Variant), $3.99
Star Trek New Visions Special The Cage (Cover A John Byrne), $7.99
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Amazing Adventures #12 (Cover A Jon Sommariva), $3.99
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Amazing Adventures #12 (Cover B Coleman Engle), $3.99
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Amazing Adventures Volume 2 TP, $17.99
Walt Disney’s Comics And Stories #733 (Cover A Andrea Castellan), $3.99
Walt Disney’s Comics And Stories #733 (Cover B William Van Horn), $3.99
Walt Disney’s Comics And Stories #733 (Cover C Alessandro Perina), AR
X-Files #4 (Cover A Menton J. Matthews III), $3.99
X-Files #4 (Cover B Photo), $3.99
X-Files #4 (Cover C Television Graphic Variant), AR

Listing courtesy of ComicList.

The Powerpuff Girls #1 (IDW Publishing)

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