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Image Comics for July 5th, 2017

A nice selection from Image next week with the launch of Sacred Creatures plus more Beauty, Seven to Eternity, and The Walking Dead action heading your way.


Beauty #16 (Cover A Jeremy Haun & John Rauch), $3.99
Beauty #16 (Cover B Shane White), $3.99
Darkness 20th Anniversary Collection TP, $19.99
Extremity #5, $3.99
Jupiter’s Legacy Volume 2 #5 (Of 5)(Cover A Frank Quitely), $4.99
Jupiter’s Legacy Volume 2 #5 (Of 5)(Cover B Frank Quitely), $4.99
Loose Ends TP, $16.99
Monstress Volume 2 TP, $16.99
Rat Queens #4 (Cover A Owen Gieni), $3.99
Rat Queens #4 (Cover B Owen Gieni), $3.99
Rat Queens #4 (Cover C Jim Valentino & Chance Wolf Images Of Tomorrow Variant), $3.99
Rock Candy Mountain #4, $3.99
Sacred Creatures #1 (Cover A Pablo Raimondi), $4.99
Sacred Creatures #1 (Cover B Klaus Janson), $4.99
Sacred Creatures #1 (Cover C Frank Miller), AR
Samaritan Veritas #2, $3.99
Seven To Eternity #7 (Cover A Jame Harren & Matt Hollingsworth), $3.99
Seven To Eternity #7 (Cover B Jerome Opena & Matt Hollingsworth), $3.99
Seven To Eternity #7 (Cover C Farel Dalrymple Images Of Tomorrow Variant), $3.99
Snotgirl #6, $2.99
Stray Bullets Sunshine And Roses #25, $3.99
Sun Bakery #4, $4.99
Tokyo Ghost Deluxe Edition HC, $39.99
Walking Dead #169, $2.99
Wayward Volume 2 HC, $39.99
Wicked + The Divine #29 (Cover A Jamie McKelvie & Matt Wilson), $3.99
Wicked + The Divine #29 (Cover B Jock), $3.99
Wicked + The Divine #29 (Cover C Jamie McKelvie Images Of Tomorrow Variant), $3.99

Listing courtesy of ComicList.

Sacred Creatures #1 (Image Comics)

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