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Image Comics for October 3rd, 2018

Four launches from Image this week with Blackbird, Dead Rabbit, Errand Boys, Jook Joint as well as the newest issue of The Walking Dead.


Analog Volume 1 TP, $9.99
Blackbird #1 (Cover A Jen Bartel), $3.99
Blackbird #1 (Cover B Fiona Staples), $3.99
Dead Hand Volume 1 Cold War Relics TP, $16.99
Dead Rabbit #1 (Cover A John McCrea), $3.99
Dead Rabbit #1 (Cover B Dave Johnson), $3.99
Die!Die!Die! #3, $3.99
Eclipse #11, $3.99
Errand Boys #1 (Of 5)(Cover A Nikos Koutsis), $3.99
Errand Boys #1 (Of 5)(Cover B Erik Larsen), $3.99
Eternal Empire Volume 2 TP, $16.99
Gravediggers Union Volume 2 TP, $16.99
Jook Joint #1 (Of 5)(Cover A Alitha Martinez), $3.99
Jook Joint #1 (Of 5)(Cover B Mike Hawthorne), $3.99
Last Siege #5 (Of 8)(Cover A Justin Greenwood), $3.99
Last Siege #5 (Of 8)(Cover B Phil Hester), $3.99
Magic Order #4 (Of 6)(Cover A Olivier Coipel), $3.99
Magic Order #4 (Of 6)(Cover B Olivier Coipel), $3.99
Magic Order #4 (Of 6)(Cover C Matteo Scalera), $3.99
Manifest Destiny Volume 6 TP, $16.99
Me The People HC, $14.99
New Lieutenants Of Metal #4 (Of 4), $3.99
Paper Girls #25, $3.99
Paradiso #8 (Cover A Devmalya Pramanik & Alba Cardona), $3.99
Paradiso #8 (Cover B Mukesh Singh), $3.99
Redlands #7 (Cover A Vanesa R. Del Rey), $3.99
Redlands #7 (Cover B Vanesa R. Del Rey Virgin Variant), $3.99
Spawn #290 (Cover A Francesco Mattina), $2.99
Spawn #290 (Cover B Francesco Mattina & Todd McFarlane), $2.99
Spawn #290 (Cover C Francesco Mattina Virgin Variant), $2.99
Thief Of Thieves #41, $3.99
Walking Dead #184 (Cover A Charlie Adlard & Dave Stewart), $3.99
Walking Dead #184 (Cover B Bill Sienkiewicz 15th Anniversary Variant), $3.99
Walking Dead Compendium 15th Anniversary Box Set (not verified by Diamond), $200.00
Wicked + The Divine Volume 7 Mothering Invention TP, $17.99

Listing courtesy of ComicList.

Blackbird #1 (Image Comics)

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