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New The Dark Night Returns Trailer Released

Warner Brothers has released the first trailer for the animated Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part One – via MTV Geek – based upon one of the penultimate tales in the Batman canon. Penned by the legendary Frank Miller, The Dark Knight Returns tells the story of an aging Bruce Wayne’s return to the role of the Batman after a ten year absence. Much has changed in Gotham City and The Dark Knight Returns helped to usher in a darker, more realistic character that is easily familiar to today’s readers.

Unfortunately for fans of Kevin Conroy’s voice work with Batman, Peter Weller provides the voice for the Caped Crusader this time around although is sounds for the trailer as if he pulls the role off pretty well. You can see the animation style is in keeping with the look of the original graphic novel too.

Also of note, someone at Warners needs a swift kick because you’ll notice at the end of the trailer the title of the first release in this two parter is given as “The Dark Night Returns.” Doh!

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