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Titan Comics for January 13th, 2021

A double dip of Titan this week

This week sees a Titan two-fer as new issues of Blade Runner 2029 and Doctor Who Comics arrive from our friends in the UK.


Blade Runner 2029 #2 (Cover A Peach Momoko), $3.99
Blade Runner 2029 #2 (Cover B Syd Mead), $3.99
Blade Runner 2029 #2 (Cover C Claudia Caranfa), $3.99
Blade Runner 2029 #2 (Cover D Cosplay Variant), $3.99
Doctor Who Comics #3 (Cover A Meghan Hetrick), $3.99
Doctor Who Comics #3 (Cover B Photo), $3.99
Doctor Who Comics #3 (Cover C Christopher Jones), $3.99
Star Wars Insider 2021 Souvenir Edition (Newsstand Edition), $14.99
Star Wars Insider 2021 Souvenir Edition (Previews Exclusive Edition), $14.99

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Blade Runner 2029 #2 (Titan Comics)

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