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8 LoL Teams to Watch This Year

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League of Legends remains the most loved multiplayer online battle arena game. It attracts new players and the top LoL teams around the globe for inspiration and guidance for the younger generations. Many teams and players have become well-known over the years and won international tournaments and regional leagues. They also showed their worth internationally through the LoL Worlds or MSI (learn more about this game and its tournaments at

However, success is not permanent, and reaching the top is only half the battle. Teams must show their talent, consistency, and resilience to be eligible for the League of Legends Hall of Fame. Below, we’ve observed some of the most successful League of Legends teams of all time and the ones to look out for this year.

LoL Teams To Watch This Year

The list includes:

  • Gen.G
  • Team Liquid
  • Fnatic
  • Invictus Gaming
  • G2 Esports
  • FunPlus Phoenix
  • T1 (one of the most legendary LoL teams of all time)


Gen.G is a South Korean icon and one of the most respected LoL teams globally. They have consistently achieved impressive results at all levels, despite being in the shadows of SKT1 (and Damwon) for many years. As the third team from LCK, they consistently qualify for Worlds and have high hopes year after year.

Gen.G is famous for its ability to defeat rivals in the final game. The squad infamously only needs one team fight to change the tide in a match and win despite being on the brink of defeat.

BDD and Clid are great mid-jungler partners, while Rascal has learned how to defend himself in the top lane. Additionally, Gen.G has the support of Life and Ruler at the bottom. Consequently, this organization is a highly experienced one and deserves its ranking on our list.

Team Liquid

Team Liquid wasn’t often mentioned in discussions about impressive LoL teams until recently. Although the organization had stellar success in other games, it could not establish itself in LoL eSports. They were the LCS’s best League of Legends team for many years but are now being challenged by Cloud9 and young teams like 100Thieves for this position.

Team Liquid was on the brink of relegation in 2018 and went above and beyond to create a star lineup with players like Impact and Doublelift. These efforts resulted in two consecutive LCS wins, cementing their status as the top League of Legends organization in North America.

However, despite the squad’s domestic success, they struggled to compete in international tournaments. Team Liquid was not going to allow that and hired Jensen, CoreJJ, and Olleh in 2019. Consequently, they won their third consecutive LCS title in North America with the new roster.

Additionally, the team maintained its momentum at the MSI 2019. While they didn’t win the trophy, their semi-final win over Invictus Gaming, the reigning world champions, finally made them one of the West’s top League of Legends teams. Doublelift subsequently left Team Liquid for TSM, and TL lost their dominant position in LCS to Cloud9. They are still struggling internationally but are an iconic organization nevertheless.


Fnatic has a long history of being one of the top League of Legends teams. The squad’s competitive journey began with victory at the inaugural World Championship. It got wilder over time, and old-school fans will never forget their xPeke days and the clutch outplays they used to be famous for. Fnatic was one of the top LoL teams worldwide, and the best League of Legends team Europe had to offer back in the day.

Surprisingly, Fnatic grew stronger after losing their captain, and the roster remains one of the most explosive European teams in LoL eSports’ history. Fnatic also has a solid international record, and they can beat even the most elite League of Legends teams on a good day.

The team’s second-place finish at the 2018 League of Legends World Championships has opened up the eyes of the entire world and shows that the EU can compete with top regions such as China and Korea.

Additionally, Fnatic’s performance in LEC has been strong even though they lost their top spot and managed to finish at least 3rd in all European tournaments. Moreover, Fnatic entered the League of Legend World Championships cursed and ended up in the infamous Group of Death.

Regardless, they defeated RNG and SKT in their last two games to shock the crowd, allowing them to reach the quarterfinals. Unfortunately, Fnatic lost to FunPlus Phoenix in the quarterfinals but still went on to win the World Championship, making the squad one of the most iconic LoL teams to watch this year.

Invictus Gaming

Invictus Gaming was once nothing more than a Chinese team that failed to win an LPL title and never managed to make a strong showing at international events. However, their victory at Worlds 2018 changed everything.

This team is brimming with incredible talent. Rookie and TheShy are the solo laners in the team and have a solid claim for being among the top League of Legends players. Combined with explosive laning, relentless aggression, and strong team fighting, one can see why Invictus Gaming dominated the League of Legends scene.

Unfortunately, the squad’s recent struggles and the fact they missed Worlds 2020 & 2021 are part of what has hampered their success. Regardless, it isn’t easy to imagine Invictus Gaming as anything other than a top-level team globally, given their incredible firepower.

G2 Esports

It is critical to have a history of success in competitive play when it comes to the top LoL teams. G2 Esports has been a dominant squad in the League of Legends circuit ever since they participated in the EU LCS.

Their playstyle combined sophisticated strategies with strong mechanical execution, resulting in a perfect mix of brains and brawn. Wunder, Jankos, and Perks were indeed one-of-a-kind, and it is rare to find players who complement each other so well. They were part of the most successful LoL team in Europe for almost a decade. However, the squad was disappointing in 2021 and outplayed at every stage by MAD Lions.

Nevertheless, the promising signs for more extraordinary things were a top-4 finish at Worlds 2018 and a win against tournament favorites RNG. G2 set out to achieve new heights in 2019, signing Caps, a mid-lane juggernaut. They also swapped their mid-laner position for the bot-lane position. While many considered this a crazy move, G2 won the 2019 MSI first place and firmly established themselves as one of the essential LoL eSports teams worldwide. Despite being the favorites to win Worlds the same year, the squad lost to FPX in the last act of the tournament.

G2 had many bumps on its way to greatness. However, their ability to overcome them earned them the title of Kings of Europe. The squad failed to win a title on the international stage, and their failure to qualify for Worlds 2021 made two of the most significant losses in the organization’s history. While recent struggles have been frustrating, G2 Esports should nonetheless rank among the Top 10 LoL teams any day of the week.

FunPlus Phoenix

FunPlus, a young two-year-old team, was undisputed at the 2019 League of Legends World Championship. The squad completely dominated their competitors. Fnatic Gaming and Invictus Gaming suffered defeats from FPX in the quarterfinals, semi-finals, and finals. They went 3-1 in both Bo5 sets and rolled over G2 Esports to victory in the finals match.

However, to everyone’s surprise, the team placed 7th-8th at the LPL 2019 Summer Playoffs, leaving crowds wanting more results. But, the additions of Tian and Doinb brought about changes, leading the team to place first in the LPL 2019 spring split.

Later, they cemented their status as one of the best LoL teams globally by placing first in both the LPL Summer Splits and Summer Playoffs. Alas, FunPlus Phoenix could not match the level of play that they had achieved in League of Legends and suffered from inconsistent play. Regardless, they earned our respect for climbing to the top of the world in 2019 and remained favorites this year despite having the lowest LoL Worlds betting odds.


T1 is the only team to hold four consecutive Worlds titles and refuses to accept failure. Since even the slightest misstep can result in T1 taking control of the game, their opponents are always on their toes. T1 does not stop until they reach the enemy Nexus. Consequently, this team is mentioned in every LoL Worlds betting guide when you are betting on the winners.

The team’s success largely depends on T1’s ability to keep Faker, the best player in the game, for so many years. He is a formidable competitor, and his combination of razor-sharp mechanics with acute game sense changed the course of countless battles. Although T1 has been declining in recent years, it’s no reason for concern. Anyone who is into LoL teams and the power rankings of major tournaments knows that you should never count T1 out.

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