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Get Into the Holiday Spirit as Neil Gaiman Reads ‘A Christmas Carol’

A Christmas Carol First Edition Title PageTalk about something immensely cool! Back in December of 2013, Neil Gaiman stopped by New York Public Library’s Celeste Bartos Forum to provide a reading of Charles Dickens’ immortal A Christmas Carol to a sold out crowd. What makes listening in even more memorable is the fact Gaiman reads from Dickens’ own annotated “prompt book” (kept at the Morgan Library & Museum) which the legendary author used in 1867 to entertain Victorian era audiences in New York.

Mr. Gaiman is introduced by writer and BBC researcher Molly Oldfield who provides a bit of background about the Morgan Library copy as well as how she stumbled across the Dickens prompt copy while researching her book, The Secret Museum.

Gaiman’s reading begins right around the twelve minute mark…

I know this recording has floated around the net for a couple years but thought, with the unseasonably warm December weather we’re experiencing here in the States, some folks might appreciate a nice jolt of holiday cheer.

Compliments of the New York Public Library and Soundcloud:

Acclaimed author Neil Gaiman performs a memorable dramatic reading from NYPL’s own rare copy of “A Christmas Carol,” which includes edits and prompts Charles Dickens wrote in his own hand for his unique public readings 150 years ago. Dressed in full costume and joined by writer and BBC researcher Molly Oldfield, Gaiman performs the classic tale as its great author intended.

NYPL Neil Gaiman A Christmas Carol Reading (New York Public Library)

Jeff McAleer

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