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FIFA 23: Why Players are Playing It Years After the First Game in the Series was Released

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Recently, a new part of FIFA was released and immediately began to storm the charts of the most popular games. Have you seen comments on news of this kind? Many people leave a lot of negative comments about players buying the same game every year (meaning EA doesn’t improve the game in any way). However, as a rule, these are people who are not familiar with both the game itself and the psychology of the players, as well as gaming in general. Today we will figure out why FIFA is popular and why fans buy it every year.

FIFA games have brought up more than one generation of gamers. And back in 1993, when the first game in the series was released, it looked more like an arcade. However, today FIFA 23 is a great football simulator with many different modes. Whereas in the past players needed to level up on their own, today it is possible to seek help from a game booting company where professional players can provide assistance. For example, there you can buy fut coins, without which it is very complicated for any player to assemble a dream team, which will consist of top football players.

Despite all the negative comments, FIFA fans still buy the game, play it and get excited about every new update. Let’s take a look at a few things that help the developer company beat all FIFA game sales records every year and stay at the top of videogame bestsellers.

FUT mode is a real breakthrough in sports simulation

You don’t think that the vast majority of players buy FIFA and play the single-player mode of the Career, do you? No, we do all this for the sake of online. Someone is re-assembling their team in Ultimate Team, and someone does not have millions in their pockets and plays the online Seasons mode, where you play for stock teams against the same people. The reason for the purchase is also that people move on to the next part. In the previous one, only those who do not care with whom to play remain. Such people, as a rule, play a couple of matches not to win or lose, but just to play for fun. However, most people want to strive for the best results and occupy high divisions, and they want these games to be interesting and fair. It’s no secret that strong players from the start buy a new part of the game and go to memorize all sorts of tricks to surprise their rivals.

Football fans get an updated game every year

People who are fond of football, follow the matches and highlight their favorite teams, and favorite players – they are interested in having the current squads and the current characteristics of the players inside the game. In each new version of the game, the lineups are updated, the ratings are adjusted, and competitions are held. This is one of the reasons why people have to pay big money to buy a new part. The developers are adding Phenom player cards, which every gamer can recruit to their team through challenges. And this greatly increases the interest of football fans.

Developers improve the game every year

Another reason is small changes in physics and animation. The fact is that each part has its own cheating chip, a cheating player, or a cheating feint, thanks to which the player who mastered such a maneuver had an advantage over those who do not know it. And during the year it all can get boring when more and more people master the tricks. And the new part fixes this problem.

Every year the graphics of the game and the physics of the ball are improved. Matches become so realistic that a person passing by the screen can easily confuse the game with a real football match. And this is one of the reasons why players love FIFA 23. For example, in FIFA 23, the developers have updated the lawn in the football simulator, making it more realistic. Football players will leave footprints on the grass, including during goal celebrations. In this case, damage to the lawn will be visible throughout the match.

The game has high-quality animations and sound effects, realistic copies of well-known world football players and professional coaches, and the game is increasingly reminiscent of a real football match. Tactics and your technique are already important here, and not just the characteristics of the players who run on the field.

Every year players get a new menu, new music, and new design in the next version. After a year of playing, gamers get tired of the old game interface, so the updated part creates a feeling of freshness and inspires new victories on the football field.

The game has almost no competitors

Many may disagree on this point and recall PeS. Some gamers believe that the physics and graphics in this game are better than in FIFA. But what’s the point if few players play PeS, the online mode in it is very boring, and the technical features are worse than in FIFA. Also, this game doesn’t have as many licenses as FIFA, so you need to use additional patches, and few players will want to do this. Thus FIFA has no equal among video games.


Every game has its haters. But no matter how many vicious comments appear on the news about FIFA 23, you should always remember that this game has been around since 1993. This confirms the fact that its popularity does not depend on some happy accident but on the efforts of the developers and the love of its players. FIFA 23 is performing well, with sim sales up 10% in the first four weeks of release compared to FIFA 22.


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