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Australian Online Gambling: Welcome to the Industry

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AustralianOnlineCasinoAustralia is truly the land of the contrasts. Here wildlife and ultramodern infrastructure of cities are combined in harmony. Also, today, Australia can be called one of the world centers of gambling. Any gambling is legal in New Zealand, Australia, the Solomon Islands, New Caledonia, Vanuatu and the Northern Marian Islands. There are about 18 major casinos and 30,000 slots in Australia. 

But Australians are not only frequent customers of casinos parlors. They are big fans of online casinos as well. In fact, the popularity of online gambling in Australia has increased exponentially over the past years. Since the inception of the industry the number of gambling platforms has grown as well. Now, 80% of Australians gamble at least once a year, play slots and table casino games.

What type of casino should you choose?

Everyone decides for himself what casino to play – real or virtual. And both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Only in the gambling parlor you can experience the true atmosphere of the casino.

Most people prefer to gamble in the comfort. The best option for them is the virtual casino. Here Australians can try their fate, staying at home and rationally assessing their chances. There is still the place for the excitement and ardor – you still play with real people and every bet is the real money. If you are ready to try online gambling, check here for the best places to play.

There is an extra advantage of the online casinos people seem to ignore. The level of funds security online is much higher when compared to offline casino. All the money you win is transferred to the bank account. Also, you can play at some international resources, which opens up more opportunities.

Gambling in Australia: laws and rules

Gambling relationships with the law in Australia depend on the authorities of all six states. But there is a common feature. In case of the loss, gambling houses have to return the customers a significant part of their loss. After the loss on the slot machine the player usually gets a consolation prize which equals 85% of the loss. And gambling houses return clients to 90% of the amount expended. Recently, poker games have become popular here. The Australians are playing poker in card clubs and online casinos.

There is the general belief that once you create an account at online casino you have to bet your own money. But you have the options here. In case you are a newbie in the gambling world, or you are seeking for the safe way to tickle your nerve and try your fate, have no worries. Most sites would grant you with some initial amount – feel free to use it as long as you can. 


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