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Batman VS Superman – What If They Played Online Casino Games?

Batman, fed up with the run-down, crime-invested casinos of Gotham City, decides to register for an online casino account. Superman, disillusioned with constantly being knocked back by beefy bouncers at LexCorp Casinos due to a strict dress code (neither Clarke’s dowdy clothes or Superman’s red underpants over blue tights thing cut it with casino door staff), decides the same. Both of them also realise that online casinos give them what they treasure most – the anonymity to have fun. You see, how could Batman or Superman visit a real casino? Could you imagine Batman playing poker? “Oh no Bruce it seems you have got the Joker Card again!” Or what if Superman tried to spin a roulette wheel? “Mr Kent the wheel has now been spinning for seven hours, you may have pulled too hard.”

Want to relax after a hard day (or night) fighting crime? Log on and play some killer casino games!

It is clear that our two heroes would find a more pleasant experience playing at an online casino. If they have sorted out their issues, last seen in the Batman vs. Superman movie, they could even play each other and chat together in online games. You’d imagine Batman would be a high stakes player (he has the dough to spare), whereas Superman would play games for low stakes, he’d probably enjoy spinning the imaginary online roulette wheel (not having to worry about breaking it!).  As they are both fond of monikers, the usernames could also be creative: Kyyptonhomeboy21? BWkicksass? Iheartthelane5M?

A question springs to mind: could Superman cheat in an online casino game? We all know it would be pointless to go up against Superman in a game of roulette, blackjack or poker in a real casino. He could stop the roulette wheel wherever he wanted, read our cards – he would make a fortune! But could he do the same online? Would he have to learn computer code to cheat? It may be a moot point as we all know Superman has too much integrity to cheat at casino games, but it would be interesting to see how far those superpowers could stretch.

Plenty of superheroes already making appearances at online casinos

The other thing that our two intrepid heroes would encounter online is some familiar faces. You see, many superheroes have their own unique online casino games, notably the insanely popular Marvel Superhero Themed Casino Games. These games – normally in the shape of blockbuster video slots – usually feature real movie clips, superhero bonus games and generally have big jackpots (big enough to make the mega-rich Bruce Wayne sit up and take notice). Would Batman and Superman enjoy these games, or would it seem like more ‘work’? I’d imagine, like the rest of us, they would be partial to helping the Incredible Hulk smash police cars for cash in their downtime.

In what other ways would our two most revered superheroes enjoy online casinos? You’d think Batman, having all the latest gadgets, would play across all the different platforms: PC, mobile, tablet. Superman might have a few issues (internet signal is notoriously bad on Krypton), but he would surely find a way. Regardless of how you think they would play, it is fun to imagine the two most iconic superheroes of all time trying to relax with a game of online blackjack after a long, hard day fighting crime.

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