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Best Card Games for Mobile – Rummy, Poker & Other Casino Games

When it comes to playing strategy and skill based game, nothing can beat the good ol’ card games. Now as many of the card games have gone online, it is very easy to access your favorite card game and play with your friends as well as making new friends from the game itself.

Most card game developers also offer some sort of virtual chips as rewards for all the new players who download their game. The rewards can also be availed and may also vary depending on the number of days a player is active after he has started playing. These free rewards make the player to come back and enjoy his card gaming sessions for more hours. Below mentioned are some of the top card games you can play on your Android or iOS smartphone and tablets.

Adda52 Poker App

One of the best poker app for Indian audiences, once downloaded from the Android or iOS app store, you can get entertained for seamless hours. The app allows the players to play against hundreds of shark players everyday while getting rewarded with free chips daily. The poker app allows you to try your hands on Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Omaha Hi/Lo poker variants without any hassle. The game has a beautiful and user friendly user interface which makes the gameplay easy and smooth. While the poker app in Android and iOS app stores allows only free games, you can download the APK from the Adda52 website to play for real cash. While playing on mobile poker for real cash, the app allows you to deposit, withdraw and have a talk with the customer support if in any way you face an issue.

Junglee Rummy Mobile App

Junglee Rummy mobile app is one of the best rummy apps out there. The card game app allows you to play free rummy games and your favorite  variants like Pool, Deals and Points Rummy on your personal devices like smartphones and tablets. While the app on Google PlayStore and iOS AppStore only allow you to play with free chips, you can download the real cash rummy mobile APK by going to the Junglee Rummy website. The mobile rummy app is beautifully made incorporating almost all the elements you find playing on the desktop version. There are also Leaderboard Contests and Live Chat features which makes playing rummy on mobile more engaging and competitive.

Indian Rummy by Octro

One of the top rummy apps in Android platform, the Indian Rummy by Octro have over a million downloads since its launch. The mobile rummy game allows you to play only with free chips and can be played seamlessly with your device’s 2G or 3G network connection. The game offers a beautiful user interface with features like daily chips as rewards, tournaments, private rooms and friend invites via Facebook and Whats App. You can also chat with the players while playing with them which make the game more engaging.

All these card game apps are must haves if you are a big fan of strategy based skill games. If we have missed any mobile card game or if you have any suggestion or feedback on this article, post it in the comment section below.

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