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Can Playing Video Games Stand in for a Workout Session?

Modern lifestyles have made most people less active. They frequently no longer spend time performing different physical activities. However, technology has resulted in the innovation of active video games. For newbies, active video games, also known as fitness games, exergaming or gamercising, are a blend of physical exercising and gaming. According to studies, active games help change sedentary activities such as watching TV into more physically demanding sessions such as dancing. 

Most common active video games such as those on Wii and Dance Dance Revolution require a lot of energy. You must stand up and move your body as if you are dancing or playing the actual sport. Exergames are an excellent way to get off the couch, be active, and stay healthy while at the same time having some fun.

The Relationship Between Video Games and Exercising

Research was carried out to prove whether active video games can count as exercise. Participants of this research were children aged between 12 and 15 years. The children had to engage in boxing and dancing video games on Xbox 360 with Kinect. The results revealed that video games increased the amount of energy used by children by 150 percent and would burn up to 170 calories per hour.

Furthermore, medical studies document that the energy burned while playing boxing in Wii Sports for 20 minutes is equivalent to walking for a mile at a brisk pace. Also, active games aim to engage both your upper and lower body. This illustrates that fitness games can replace sedentary activities, which can result in adverse health effects such as obesity. However, not all exergames or levels within the game are equal; for example, Wii Sports boxing requires more movement than Wii Sports golf.

Active video games are a fun way to enjoy your leisure time while engaging in light to moderate physical activities. They also motivate you to exercise daily and can be embraced by parents to help children become more physically active while at home.

Boosts Your Energy

Gamercising can be a good way of rehabilitating your body especially after an injury. A moderate session of active gaming coupled with a dose of your favorite supplement from can help you boost your fitness levels. Regular exercising can improve your muscle strength and increase your endurance. This is because when you exercise, oxygen and nutrients are delivered to your tissues, and cardiovascular muscles function more efficiently.

Proper Sleep and Better Moods

Physical activities before bedtime will enable you to fall asleep faster and sleep well. This gives you adequate rest and reduces fatigue.Exercising stimulates the production of hormones that improve mood, which leave you feeling more satisfied, relaxed, and less anxious. Furthermore, this can increase your confidence and self-esteem.

Burn Excess Calories and Fat

Exercising raises your metabolic activities, enabling your body to burn calories to produce energy. This helps you lose weight, tone your body,and improve your physical appearance.

Playing active video games engages your body in physical activities. This enhances your cognitive functioning and minimizes the risk of diseases such as arthritis and health problems like depression and anxiety.

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