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Cool Slots Themed After Hit Movies

Online slots come in all sorts of weird and wonderful themes – from outer space escapades and epic fantasy adventures, to lively holiday celebrations and ancient civilizations. There are even lots of thrilling slots themed after hit movies, ranging from well appreciated cult classics to box office smashes. Below are some of the top movie-themed slots that you can play at Australian internet casinos. They all offer exciting, immersive experiences and, of course, plenty of chances to win big!


If you’re a fan of the hit Rambo film series, you’ll definitely want to check out the Rambo slot by iSoftBet. It takes you right into the action and immerses you in the world of John Rambo, the Vietnam War veteran played by Sylvester Stallone. So far there have been four movies in the series (a reboot is scheduled for release sometime in 2018) and this slot is based on the fourth, and most recent, installment.

What makes this slot particularly appealing is that whenever you play, you have the chance of winning one of four progressive jackpots. If you’ve played slots before, you’ll be familiar with the classic 3×5 layout – Rambo has a unique layout where reels one and five have three symbols, reels two and four have four symbols and the central third reel has five symbols. It has a total of 720 ways to win, giving you even more chances of landing a winning combination and walking away with a nice cash prize! There’s also a free spins round where the chance of landing huge wins is significantly bigger.

Basic Instinct

Known for its suggestive leg-crossing scene, Basic Instinct is a classic 1992 erotic thriller about a police detective who embarks on a whirlwind affair with the prime suspect of a case he’s working on. Just like the Rambo slot, the Basic Instinct slot was developed by iSoftBet. It has five features and does away with the standard payline mechanic – instead, there are 243 ways to win, which offers you many more chances of winning. Simply land three or more matching symbols on a minimum of three reels starting with the leftmost one and you’ll have yourself a winning combination.

There are three oversized symbols, each three symbols tall, that trigger different features if they appear completely on the reels; if they only appear partly, the symbols you do see will turn into wilds. They each feature Sharon Stone’s character in various scenes from the movie. One of them rewards you with up to 40 free spins, while another launches a wild drop feature where the reels are respun and the oversized symbol moves down one, creating more wilds and more chances to win. The final one triggers the bonus round, which gives you the chance to win the progressive jackpot.

Paranormal Activity

The found-footage horror Paranormal Activity was a huge hit, spawning a string of sequels and making close to $200 million worldwide – it’s believed by some to be the most profitable movie ever in terms of return on investment. The Paranormal Activity slot is another movie-based slot by iSoftBet and is loosely based on the first movie in the series. Symbols include a ouija board, a camcorder, a candelabra and an occult symbol. With a chilling soundtrack and creepy atmosphere, the slot is certainly effective at making you feel scared, though if you’re lucky enough to win that feeling of fear will no doubt be replaced by joy.

You’ll be pleased to know the slot offers plenty of chances to win – 243 in fact. Land the bonus symbol and you’ll get to spin the bonus wheel, with a cash prize and three different free spins features up for grabs. The best feature to look out for is undoubtedly the Paranormal Event feature. It’s randomly triggered and adds up to five wilds to the reels, which can lead to some of the game’s biggest wins.

Jackpot Rango

Rango is a rather quirky animated movie about a chameleon who moves to a Wild West town of Dirt, which desperately needs a new sheriff. Thanks the bright and imaginative slot by iSoftBet, you can relive Rango’s adventures and maybe even win a cash prize or two in the process. It features many of the movie’s more prominent characters, makes use of its soundtrack and even has clips from various parts of the movie played as you play.

As its name suggests, there is indeed a progressive jackpot and to win it, you simply need to land the Jackpot Progressive symbol five times in a row on a winning payline. Speaking of paylines, there are 25 altogether, though you do have the option to reduce the number down to as few as just a single payline. Until you win the progressive jackpot, there’s always the free spins feature, which is triggered by landing three or more Rango sheriff badge symbols on the reels. While the free spins are active, the more wild symbols you have as part of a winning combination, the more your win will be multiplied by.


Who knew a movie about a vicious waterspout sweeping up killer sharks from the ocean and depositing them in Los Angeles could be successful? Sharknado came along and surpassed everyone’s expectations, becoming a cult classic and launching a series that now consists of no fewer than five movies. There’s even a slot game themed after it: developed by PariPlay, it features footage and soundbites from the first installment in the series, along with a Santa Monica pier backdrop and various characters appearing as symbols on the reels.

One of the best things about this slot is that it has not one, but three bonus features. The Sharknado Mode feature, which lasts between five and 12 spins, is activated randomly and boosts all payout by as much as five times. Then there’s the Fin’s Random Wilds feature – if a wild shark symbol lands on the reels, a helicopter will come along and try to drop a nuclear bomb on it. If it succeeds, the wild will explode, causing a string of new wilds to land on the reels. Finally, there’s the Free Spins feature, which nets you a number of free spins for landing a minimum of three chainsaw symbols.

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