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One – Perhaps Unexpected – Place Our Comic Book Heroes Have Turned Up Online

Comic books are cool – that is one thing which most people agree with. But what is it that makes them so fun to read and follow? As well as the storylines and visual appeal of reading them, the major factor is the amazing characters found inside. Although they are all heroes, each will have their own personality, look and catchphrases which makes them distinct. These cool characters also explain why movies or video games with comic book heroes in do so well. We not only love to read about them but also to watch them or play as them too.

It is not just video games where this has happened though. Comic book hero themed slot games have become very popular via online casino sites with US players, now states like New Jersey have legalized online gambling. Comic book characters aren’t just characters anymore – they are a brand unto themselves. Players in New Jersey should remember to find the best casinos with no deposit bonus in NJ to gamble at – this will in effect give you free money to play with! It will also give you extra money on top of any you do deposit to keep you in the game longer with more chances to win. The same advice is true for players in other US states where online casino play is legal.

Once you have signed up with an online casino though, which are the best comic book hero slots to look out for? We round-up a few of the very best below.

Wonder Woman gold slot

To begin with, this Wonder Woman themed slot is pretty cool. Great for all players, it is especially good for any women wanting to get involved with online slots due to its ‘Girl Power’ vibe. Wonder Woman was first created in the 1940’s by DC Comics but has been given a modern update here. 40 paylines give lots of ways to win while the colorful look and smooth in-game animation is top-class. With bonus features like Free Spins and Expanding Wilds to bump up your winnings with, it is a slot that pays out quite well too. The in-game music is also funky with the ‘Wonder Woman’ theme tune present in all its glory.

Batman and the Batgirl bonanza

When it comes to comic book heroes, they don’t come much cooler or popular than Batman. We all know the story of reclusive millionaire Bruce Wayne who is CEO by day and caped crusader by night. With a brilliant cast of supporting characters like Robin or The Joker, Batman is a massive name in comic book circles. This slot from Playtech is the perfect homage to him and the 1960’s TV show that made the character a household name. The 5 reel and 60 payline set-up is easy to grasp while the in-game symbols see all the main characters you would expect turn up. Wild symbols help you grab more winning reel combinations while an RTP figure of over 96% sees this slot one to consider.

Superman: The movie  

Another great slot based on a comic book hero is this one from Playtech. Superman is one of the iconic superheroes from comics and has spawned many films and games in the past. This online slot though is worth checking out for its cool graphics, sharp sound and fun feel. There are a huge 100 paylines in this game which makes it stand out from others. This is also a Progressive Jackpot slot – hit one of the 4 Progressive Jackpots and you could be in for really big wins. The Free Spins on offer here are worth grabbing too – hit the ‘Save the Day’ feature and you get 10×10 of them!

Justice League

This slot is from NextGen Gaming and is based around the Justice League characters. The great thing about this is that you get more superhero characters to enjoy playing with. From Superman to Batman and others like Aquaman, they are all here. This slot has some great bonus features to attract players. The Free Spins are a good way to win more while the Wild symbols can also lock in winning combinations for players.

Superheroes are not just for comic books 

Although they started out as comic book characters, the above shows that their popularity has soon spread to other forms of media such as online slot games. When you also look at the movies and video games that comic book heroes have spawned, it becomes clear to see just how popular they are globally.

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