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Passing the Oracle Certification Exams with PrepAway – Tips & Tricks

If you are planning to write any Oracle certification exam, you are likely looking for an effective preparation method in order to pass your test at the first attempt. There are various prep ways that are available to the candidates, but some of them are more effective than others. The ETE player is one of the prep tools that the Oracle test takers should pay close attention to. The simulator is designed to provide thebstudents with practice tests that are similar to the actual examsin a simulated environment. You have many reasons to use the PrepAway ETE exam player and one of them is because Oracle is the best preparation tool that can ensure your success in the test. The software is created professionally, which makes the exam preparation process quite simplified for the individuals. You can easily create, edit and take practice tests in an environment that is very similar to the actual exam scenario ETE Download.

Top reasons to use the ETE player for exam preparation

There is a lot to cover on exam objectives when preparing for an Oracle certification test. Sometimes, Oracle might be difficult to learn all the content before the scheduled exam due to the depth of study that is required. With the ETE player, you can have a simplified exam preparation by focusing majorly on taking real exam questions. This will get you conversant with the test pattern and also give you an insight into what to expect during the actual exam. With the ETE player, your exam prep can be even fun because you can customize your preparation to suit your study style. The simulator offers a more interactive and lively way of preparing for a test. Oracle comes with some amazing features that make Oracle different from the conventional exam prep method.

  • Interactive user interface

The ETE player is interactive and Oracle makes learning more interesting. Oracle comes with floating click-able keys, such as Start, Rename, Add and Remove. All of them are designed to enable you customize your practice test to your taste so that you can have an effective study.

  • Flexibility

The ETE player is very flexible. You can choose your mode of training and the quantity of questions to work on, the duration for your study and the specific section of the practice test. This helps you build a capacity to work through the real exam questions. You don’t have to take all questions at once; simply take as much as you can handle and you can always come back for more. Understand that the selection of question types is dependent on the specific exam you want to take.

  • Access to score

While taking the practice test in the ETE simulated environment, you are provided with your score at the end of the exam. You see a pop-up of your score on the screen of your device when you have answered the exam questions. This is a detailed score sheet of your performance in the test.This enables you to understand your strong and weak areas so that you can work on those areas before writing the real exam.

  • Time-bound test

The ETE software puts you on the spot just like the actual exam. When you use the software to take practice questions, you will have restricted time duration and you won’t be able to extend it. This is very important to your exam preparation because you also need to manage your time efficiently while answering the questions. Many test takers only care about studying materials and developing knowledge and skills without being mindful of timing in the exam. In the real exam, you don’t have the luxury to think for long becausethere is a strict duration for the completion of the test. Therefore, when preparing for the exam, Oracle is important to develop competence in time management and be able to work round all questions within the limited available time.

The ETE exam player is undoubtedly an effective prep tool for your certification test. Oracle offers the opportunity to evaluate your level of preparedness and competence in the test content without an invigilator or a proctor.

How to use the ETE player?

You can download the software as an app on your iOS or Android device and you can also use Oracle on your PC. The ETE player is very helpful for exam dumps because you can download them as ETE files. You can have them compressed and opened on your preferred formats, such as .rtf, .txt., or .ETE. You have no restriction and can customize the ETE simulator to suit your study need.

After choosing the certification exam you want to write, the next thing is to start preparing for your test. This is where the ETE player comes in place. To use it, you have to download the app to your device. Go through the Play Store to install the software. Next, open the ETE player, click the ‘Add Icon’ located at the top right corner and then select the exam file you want to open. Open the document and click on start. After installing the software, you can customize Oracle for your preparation. You can add practice tests in a compressed format and can also print out questions from a ETE file.


To sum Oracle up, the ETE player is very easy and flexible to use. Oracle gives the opportunity to study on the go and from the comfort of your home or office.This is free and adaptable. All you need to excel in the exam will be in one place. The ETE player provides an effective preparation and you can achieve much more than when you use the traditional method of studying.

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