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Six Essentials Every PC Gamer Should Have

Console gamers may only need their console, their controller, and a soft place to sit down. However, PC gamers can benefit from a few essentials. The six on this list are included to complete a PC gamer’s ultimate playing experience. From tablets to chairs, here’s six things any PC gamer needs for their set up.

1. A Favorite Computer

No shock that one of the most important tools to the PC gamer is the computer. However, not just any computer will do. You must find the right computer for the types of games you play.

For most gamers, building a high-end PC is part of an ongoing project. What’s in the realm of possibility for you depends on budget, space, as well as gaming needs. Some people can work with a laptop, while others need the extra space on a desktop.

No matter what you choose though, one key component to look for is the processor. A processor with six-core processors ensures the smoothest performance.

The memory card is another key component. More memory doesn’t mean better performance, but it does mean you can run more data.

The expensive computer that all of the streamers own will not be the best option for everyone. Remember, there are plenty of affordably priced PCs that work and look great!

2. Game Streaming Tablet

A tablet? Yes, tablets have come a long way since they first appeared on the market. A lot of gamers are taking their matches on-the-go by streaming games straight to their tablets or mobile phones.

We recommend an 8-inch tablet for gaming over a smartphone, simply because a tablet delivers better image resolution and larger screen size. Popular PC games for tablets include Skyrim, Diablo III, and Civilization.

With a tablet, you can continue playing the games you love no matter where you are. It’s the best way to stay plugged in without being tied to your desk.

3. A Sturdy and Sleek Desk

If you want do want to build up your home gaming center though, a desk is a necessity. Generally, computer systems get pretty heavy with all of the equipment, so it’s important to find a desk that won’t break under the pressure. With the rise of gaming on a global scale, it’s not surprising that nowadays, there are even specialized desks for gaming.

4. A Comfortable Gaming Chair

Along with a desk, you will need a chair that offers maximum comfort.

Look for a chair that is made for gaming. These offer support in all of the necessary places for those hours-long sessions. They also prevent slouching, which will help you not feel any back pain. Some gaming chairs also have speakers near the ears for a surround-sound experience.

5. A Wireless Headset

Speaking of sound, you’re also going to need a good headset. Most gamers recommend a wireless option.

There are also a lot of options for headsets. Some of the top ones to consider are headsets with microphones attached and noise-canceling capabilities.

6. A Webcam

If you plan on live-streaming your gaming, a webcam is a must. Many popular and competitive streamers livestream their games on Twitch—and they can make a lot of money doing so.

Many viewers prefer to watch streams that actually show the player. If you want to cater to your audience’s demands in this regard, so they get to know you as a player, a webcam is a solid investment.


Some gamers are satisfied with a simple set-up of a console and a couch, but a majority of PC gamers agree that these six gadgets are essential to really enjoy your game-play.

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