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The Best Slot Games at 888Casino

Slot games are some of the most exciting games in the casino. From the fast-paced gameplay to the cool themes and fun animations, playing slots at 888casino is great fun, and there’s even the added bonus of winning some cash, or even the jackpot! Keep reading to learn some details on some of the best slots, and how to play them.

Millionaire Genie

Taken straight from the pages of 1,001 nights, the story of the genie and his hidden treasure is brought to life in this brilliant 5-reel slot game. Players choose the number of coins they wish to wager, as well as the number of paylines they wish to activate, then it’s on to the fast and furious gameplay. The interface is designed to feel like an enchanted treasure cave, and pretty symbols on the reels keep the theme going, with images of spell books, magic keys and of course the genies lamp making up the scatter symbols that must be linked together to unlock coin wins.

The bonus round is unlocked by linking together the scattered wilds, which take the shape of the Millionaire Genie logo, can be linked up across the reels to unlock the bonus round. This 2-round is a multiple-choice game, where players must first choose from one of 3 belly dancers, then 6 pots of treasure, with each section acting as multiplier. There are also plenty of free spins and instant wins on offer in this round too. From the brilliant graphics to the Middle-Eastern soundtrack, Millionaire Genie would be enough fun to play, even without the huge progressive jackpot!

Treasure Fair

Unique slot games are always way better than the generic ‘fruit machines’ that become boring after a few spins. And with Treasure Fair, we can’t think of anything else like it. Players are transported to a mysterious late night carnival, where a sideshow host complete with top hat and stern look greets them. The aim of the game is to match up the symbols on the 5 reels that are built into a traditional organ, complete with a monkey who sits on the side of the screen and comes to life every time you win! The images used include a circus strongman, a clown and a crystal ball reader, as well as the bonus symbols which unlock the ‘wheel of fortune’ side game, taking you right into the weird and eerie atmosphere that makes Treasure Fair so unique.

The progressive bonus and generous return to player percentage make sure that this game suits every playing style and budget, and with multiple coin values and 25 mixed paylines, players can alter their wager to suit how much they want to win at once, or how long they want their game to last. With great graphics, a fun but spooky soundtrack and plenty of unique animations, this is definitely one of our favorites.

Rise of the Pharaohs

If you like sword and sandals epics or are fascinated by Ancient Egypt, then this 5 reel slot game is perfect for you. Just like the other games on this list, Rise of the Pharaohs is your typical slot game, with 15 paylines, coin values from 0.15 to 15.00, and a progressive jackpot that can be won at any time, at random, making everything just that little bit more exciting. What makes it really stand out however is the exceptional graphics and attention to detail.

Players are taken back in time to the Egyptian desert and the tomb of Tutankhamun, with the symbols and reels given a true Egyptian twist. As well as the A,10,J,Q and K symbols, you’ll also find wilds that are made up by the Egyptian Gods, including Anubis, Osiris, and Set. What players really need to look for however are the death mask of Tutankhamun, and the fun Cleopatra character who make up the scatter and wild symbols respectively. Connect 3 Tutankhamun symbols and you can make any wilds on the reels stick, and 3 Cleopatra’s opens up the bonus round, where you’ll need to make some choices to unlock multipliers.

Rise of the Pharaohs is a high quality virtual slot with plenty of replay value thanks to the clever design and attractive animations. The game, along with all the others on this list, can be played via mobile, as well as the website, so you can take your game with you on the go.

The Big Lebowski

This Coen brothers’ classic is brought to the slot gaming world, with an entire machine dedicated to the story of the Dude’s adventures in Los Angeles. Of course there’s a bowling theme across the 5 reels and 25 paylines, with the A,10,J,Q and K all printed on coloured bowling balls. The brilliant wild symbols feature all the key characters from the movie including Donny, Maude, Walter Jesus and of course his Dudeness.

The aim of the game is to link the wilds together, which results in coin payouts, and in some cases free spins. However, there’s also the scatter symbols and bonuses to look out for. If you manage to link together the Dude’s car with other wilds, then you’ll be able to create extra winning combinations, making it a handy symbol. The one to look out for however are the coffee tin containing poor Donny’s ashes; if you can get 3 of these in a row you’ll be taken to the minigame, where you’ll be rewarded with a multiplier from several options. The Big Lebowski is great fun for both new players and fans of the movie, with simple-to-follow rules and gameplay, as well as plenty of cool animations and great backing music

KISS slot game

If you want to rock and roll all night and party every day, then the KISS slot game is definitely for you. This slot game differs from the others in the list as it’s a COLOSSAL slot, with a whopping 100 paylines across 10 reels. The gameplay certainly gets chaotic, but is great fun with loads of action and of course some wicked animation that pop up when players manage to unlock free spins and coin payouts. There are 5 main reels and of course the massive COLOSSAL set which is unlocked when wilds are linked together. The wilds are of course the band members, and they come to life and start playing if you can line them up across the paylines.

The best part of this slot game however is the superb soundtrack, with tons of little riffs, guitar licks and explosive drums and bass, all mixed in with a few KISS classics that play on big wins. If you’re a KISS fan, then you need to try this one out ASAP!

888casino has plenty of other slot games that have the same quality designs and extra features, so once you’ve played the games on this list you’ve still got tons of great games to choose from. Depositing and managing your games is easy, and you can even play other casino table games with the same funds used to play slot games. If you want to try out the best slots that leave you with a good chance of dropping the jackpot, then 888casino is the place to be!

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