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The Players To Look Out For In FIFA 2018 eSports

There are numerous eSports titles out there taking the world by storm. The likes of CS:GO, Dota 2 and League of Legends continue to be hugely popular in the competitive gaming scene, but one title that has been making great progress recently is FIFA. 2017 was a great year for FIFA competitively, with EA Sports themselves putting on regional events and grand finals, in addition to the FIFA Interactive World Cup (FIWC). eSports fans will be looking forward to 2018, as it promises to be jam packed year of competitive FIFA gaming; but who are the players should we be looking out for?


Gorilla, who signed up to UNILAD eSports last year, has to be the main player to watch this year and it’s easy to see why. He’s been tearing up the FIFA competitive scene for a good while now and aside from being a 6x Gfinity champion and the UK eSports Player of the Year for 2017, he also managed to win the FIWC last year too. Gorilla is officially the best FIFA player on the planet right now, and you can only imagine him coming back stronger this year too in order to defend his crown.


Kurt is the self-proclaimed best FIFA player in the world and while he may not have so far proved himself at LAN events, he is certainly regarded as one of the finest players out there. He’s got a superb record on the Gfinity network and is regularly scene destroying opponents in Weekend League. This could really be the year Kurt delivers on the main stage as he’s due to appear in Barcelona for the FUT Champions Cup at the end of the month.


Dragonn is a FIFA player everybody in the competitive scene will have heard of. He’s been runner up at the FIWC twice and regularly excels in Gfinity tournaments too. Gorilla put his success at the FIWC 2017 down to the coaching he received from Dragonn, his friend and coach, but now the former West Ham eSports player is looking to once again prove himself as one of the best FIFA players out there. He’s teamed up with eSports stable Lightening Pandas and 2018 could be the year of the Dragonn for sure.


MegaBit is a player who has been in and around the FIFA eSports scene for a good while now, and in that time has been making steady progress. 2017 was the year MegaBit really announced himself as one of the ones to watch, after an astonishing run saw him qualify for the FUT Champions Cup as world number 1 on Xbox; after winning 160 games without defeat. MegaBit, who is the official player for VFL Bochum, also continues to impress PlayStation too and many are tipping the FIWC 8th place finisher to enjoy a great 2018.


Shellzz, like Gorilla, is a member of the UNILAD eSports stable and he’s certainly going to be a player to look out for in 2018. Last year he managed to enjoy a superb winning streak that saw him win 160 games without defeat, and he ended the year as the FIFA 17 Ultimate Team Championship runner up. His has one of the best records on console right now and while 2017 may have been huge for Shellzz, 2018 is set to be a lot bigger and it would be no surprise to see him winning tournaments over the next 12 months.

eSPorts are definitely on the rise, with an increasing amount of media coverage, sponsorship and we are now seeing more established bookmakers having several betting markets on tournaments. Fans of the sport looking to find the best bookmakers that cover eSports only have to check out’s comprehensive listing of online betting sites to get the best prices on all events and tournaments. This is the year that we can all expect great things from the sport, especially with the players listed still hunger for more success and trophies.

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