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The Rise of eSports

There are many forms of gaming that have been introduced over the years and with more and more players looking to compete with others in a realistic game, eSports has become a popular option. eSports are not traditional sports like baseball or football. Instead, they are video games that allow players to compete with each other in different types of games, whether they are fighting or playing multiplayer games. This form of gaming has become very popular and it does not just attract players, but also attracts those that wish to place wagers on outcomes, providing another way for online bettors to have the chance to generate payouts from games and events.

eSports: A Definition

eSports, or electronic sports, are a specific form of competition between players that is completely facilitated by video games. These sports take on an organized competition between professional players and there are many forms of eSports being enjoyed today. Some of these include real-time strategy, first-person shooter games, multiplayer online battle arena games and fighting games. The world of eSports is one that is growing on a daily basis and it has attracted players and fans from all around the globe. IN fact, there are some amazing tournaments like the League of Legends World Championship and the Intel Extreme Masters that will provide a live broadcast of the competition and will also offer amazing cash payouts to those that are competing.

The Popularity of eSports

eSports have become hugely popular over the past few years as more gamers are looking for ways to compete with others and enjoy a virtual experience. When eSports were first introduced, they were geared towards providing entertainment to players. Today, they pave the way to high paying tournaments, enhanced action and great betting options for punters. There are multiple large tournaments that take place around the world and these offer massive prizes to competitors as well as the chance for sports bettors to place wagers on the outcomes of these events and tournaments. In fact, some players have made eSports their career. The most talented players in the world are making a substantial amount just by playing video games.

Not only are eSports popular with gamers, but there are also popular with spectators and many of the top rated tournaments are streamed live around the world. Since these events do draw large viewing crowds, they also attract sponsors and large businesses. Spectators are helping to increase the revenue of bookies, both off and online and it is believed that fans will be betting as much as $23.5 billion by the time 2020 comes.

On the Rise

The various events and tournaments that are being held have increased in popularity over the years and the eSport revenue amounts have also been increasing. For the 2017 year it was predicted that eSports would create revenue of $493 million, an amount that is 7% higher than was thought to have been earned when the year began. Spectators are largely responsible for this increase in revenue and many are enjoying the action of these types of games by betting online.

Over the years, there have been some amazing moments in the eSports industry. These not only provided players and spectators with the opportunity to earn money, but they also added to the growing popularity of the sport. While some argue that playing a video game is hardly a sport, millions disagree and this is evident with the increasing number of competitors as well as bettors and spectators.

The majority of the memorable moments revolve around winnings and prize pools. Seeing how popular eSports have become, it goes without saying that some of the largest payouts have come from world tournaments and online betting.

• The largest prize pool was The International 2017, offering $24.6 million
Dota 2 is the leading game when it comes to payouts, paying over 2150 players in 842 tournaments
• The largest team earnings have been enjoyed by Team Liquid, winning $17.7 million from 1105 tournaments
• Jang Jae-Ho, also known as Moon, was named the greatest Warcraft 3 player in the world
• The highest earning player of all time is Saahil Arora, playing in 67 tournaments and averaging $42,000 at each.

Going Into the Future

About five years ago, eSports was just starting to gain popularity, now it is one of the most popular forms of entertainment and betting. In regards to the future of eSports, it will only continue to grow, with thousands of players entering the market and many new tournaments being developed. In fact, eSports has also opened a great door for online sports bettors. The majority of online casinos and sportsbook cover a wide array of eSport events that can offer amazing payouts. Here, one can compare and play the best casinos at and can learn how they can start generating streams of income from casino games as well as sports betting on such events as the major eSport tournaments.

The days of competing through traditional sports are quickly waning and many members of the younger generation are taking an interest in eSports. These players enjoy gaming as a lifestyle, not just a pastime and the once hobby has now grown into a group of professional players and businesses. More than 134 million people view eSport events inline and the projected revenue will break the $100 billion mark. It is safe to say that the future of eSports is one that will provide endless action, ongoing entertainment and an opportunity to generate amazing streams of income, both as a player and as a bettor.

eSports provide an amazing opportunity for spectators to watch battles between the best players in the world and to place wagers on the various tournaments and events from around the globe. With multiple betting options and amazing prize pools, it goes without saying that the world of eSports is one that is continuing to attract new fans and players and is one that will not fade anytime in the future.

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