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Top 3 Reasons Why Bookmakers Limit Gambling Accounts

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Have you ever heard of other punters complaining their betting accounts have become closed? Or has it happened to you? It’s often frustrating, especially after doing your research and finding an ideal sportsbook. The pain is excruciating, and you may often wonder where you went wrong. Below are some of the reasons why bookmakers limit gambling accounts.

  1. You win too much

Gambling is a game of chance. Luck and proper strategies are all that one needs. At times you may find yourself wing too much. Such a sportsbook is a goldmine. However, don’t celebrate just yet. Winning too much may result in your gambling account being potentially closed or limited.

It’s one of the most popular reasons as to why an account can be limited. Sportsbooks are in the gambling business to make money and not vice Versa. They don’t mind one winning here and there. But constant winning indicates you are making loads of money.

It means they are losing their money to you. It hardly seems fair to limit your account, but it’s within sportsbook rights.

  1. Abuse of bonuses and promotion

Here are other reasons why sportsbook limits an account. It’s quite common for various gambling sites that offer promotions and bonuses, including agen poker online. They do this to lure new clients and retain loyal punters. However, they pay close attention to how these two get used.

Taking advantage of a promotional wager can result in closure or limitation of an account. Its because there is a higher chance that it’s not profiting the sportsbook. If you hardly bet on things not tied to a promotional offer, your account’s a red flag. And it risks becoming limited or worst case closed

  1. Having more than one account

Sportsbook dislikes punters who have two different accounts. With two or more gambling accounts in the same site, it means there’s a high chance of misusing promotional offers. Or get more wins. Sportbooks often see this as a loss on their part.

One may often wonder? How will a gambling agency know I have more than one account? People often think they are crafty by using different names in one gambling website.

However, over the years, various gambling agencies have come up with advance mechanisms to identify duplicate accounts. One way is by checking the IP address. Nonetheless, that’s not all. The sportsbooks have other secretive methods they aren’t willing to share. They are trade secrets. Once they detect a duplicate account, they close both of them.


Gambling is a fun activity as it helps one relieve stress and win money on the side. Some have ventured into these ventures and become professionals. Various gambling agencies, including agen poker online offer punters an opportunity of a lifetime. If you wish to have your account operating for a long time, you need to know why it can be limited or closed first. Thus, you can maneuver being on the radar of a sportsbook. Always watch your behavior while online and avoid betting on weird amounts. Never ignore the rules presented and you will be good to go.


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