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Video Poker AAMS ADM for Italian Players

AAMS certifies the software of video poker found online in legal casinos accessible from Italy.

As for the international video poker the video poker in Italy is based on the poker games, with some variations according to the type of video poker machine we choose to play with. The wonderful news is that is finally possible for millions of Italians to play online with safe and certified video poker AAMS. In 2011 AAMS released the first licenses to operate on the Italian web for online casinos considered virtuous and honest. It has been quite a long time since then; and many Italians have won thousands of euros thanks to AAMS Online Games.

We will never tire of recommending you to play video poker only online, and in AAMS certified casinos. Video poker in physical gaming rooms is not for those looking for honest ,and legal gaming: always avoid them. Another reason to stay away from the bars and their machines, is the atmosphere that you breathe inside: what can compare to the pleasure of playing online, connected from your home, sitting comfortably on the sofa and without prying eyes around?

AAMS certified online video poker games are numerous, and come in many different versions. Each version has its own characteristics that differentiate it from the others and all based on the game of the poker The online offer is vast, and the important thing is that you keep yourself in the AAMS certified casinos to guarantee you legal and honest gaming.

How do you play?

Once you have downloaded the favorite AAMS certified online video poker software, you will have to decide how much to bet. The maximum and minimum bet are indicated by the casino and remember that, if you choose a multi-line version, the bet is a single line.

At this point, clicking on “distribute” on the screen will appear 5 uncovered cards: to you the decision on which to keep and which to discard; the software will advise you the most advantageous options, but you can naturally do it yourself. Click on “distribute” again and you will get the final combination of cards: if you have earned a valid score at poker you have won. How much? Check the pay table to know!

The various versions of AAMS-certified video poker available online differ essentially by the contents of the pay table. The Aces and Faces version, for example, also considers winning a pair of aces or figures and pays more poker for aces than jack, queens and kings. So even the Jack or Better and Ten or Better versions pay from the pair of jack up, or from that of ten.

Among the AAMS-certified online video poker the Joker version leaves the jokers in the deck: it becomes much easier to get a winning score.

Many ways of winning with the videopoker AAMS

AAMS certified online video poker games are often the protagonists of big winnings. The reasons why one wins so easily are twofold. Every time you get a winning score, and win by playing multi-line versions is very likely, you have the opportunity to multiply the amount won. Such as? With the doubling or half doubling options: if you choose the highest card from the dealer’s card in the 4 blankets in front of you, you will have doubled the whole or half of the winnings. This additional option in favor of the player makes online video poker certified AAMS games very advantageous. Another really positive feature is the ability to play every version of multi-line video poker: 25 or 50 games taking place simultaneously.

But the secret of the generosity of AAMS certified video poker is above all in the payout.

The payout is the hypothetical return to the player of the daily income that the casino realizes on every single game. The payout represents the percentage that is returned to the player in the form of winnings and is different for each individual game in a casino. The payout of AAMS certified online video poker is always very high, for each version. Up to 95%. With a payout like that choosing the Joker version, the most advantageous, and 50 lines of play winning is just a game. As boys.

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