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Halloween Spooktacular 2017 – Inner Sanctum Mysteries: ‘The Undead’

Millions of kids who grew up during the golden age of radio would never forget the eerie creaking door which opened every episode of Inner Sanctum Mysteries. These listeners were so scared by that door CBS duplicated the sound effect for their Radio Mystery Theater in the 1970’s. Known by most as simply Inner Sanctum, the series provided plenty of spooky tales over the years and today’s is no exception.

Twenty first century listeners would think, with a title such as The Undead, this episode is about zombies but that isn’t the case; zombies weren’t “a thing” during the 1940’s as the word actually meant someone under a voodoo spell as opposed to a mindless flesh eater. This episode actually focuses on a woman who constantly dreams her husband is a vampire. The Undead originally aired on December 18th, 1945.

As a quick side note, this is probably the best sounding copy of the episode which you can find anywhere.

Download the show for on the go right here.

Halloween Spooktacular - Inner Sanctum Mysteries: The Undead

Jeff McAleer

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