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TGG Old Time Radio Double Dip #3: The Most Dangerous Game & The Thing on the Fourbleboard

Ok… The latest update is a few days late but I had a lot of things cooking. Namely finishing with the redesign of the website (a few minor cosmetic tweaks here and there but it’s finished) as well as getting some titles finished up so I could have some time sensitives reviews up. I’ll make up for the delay by sharing what I feel is the scariest old time radio program ever recorded! But first we’ll get started with an excellent episode of Escape.

Escape – The Most Dangerous Game (Aired October 1st, 1947)

The classic Richard Connell short story The Most Dangerous Game has been tackled in a variety of formats over the years, probably most notably as a 1932 film but also on radio and TV. Although I’m a big fan of Orson Welles (I mentioned that last time) I happen to like this version of the story from Escape as opposed to Welles’ which was broadcast a few year’s earlier on Suspense.

You can download the program here.

Quiet, Please – The Thing on the Fourbleboard (Aired August 9th, 1948)

One of the gems of horror and the fantastic on radio was Wyllis Cooper’s Quiet, Please. Although it’s two year run was mainly ignored by most people in its day the program has become a favorite of OTR enthusiasts over the years. I included this episode on one of the podcast Halloween shows as it really is a damn creepy tale and I challenge anyone to turn out the lights, give this a listen, and then tell me the payoff of the story doesn’t give you a bit of a shiver.

Oh, and the artwork being used was created by Susan Harris for the Hyde Park Community Players in Chicago, IL.

You can download the program here.


Jeff McAleer

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1 Comment

  1. The thing of the forpleboard is about the creepiest thing I’ve ever heard. I’ve always loved that one! Excellent choice!!

    Alan EMrich


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