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TGG’s October Spooktacular – 19 Nocturne Boulevard: ‘The Temple’

Most people would think the days of audio drama have come and gone but there are still plenty of independent groups producing excellent programs by way of the internet. One of these groups is Julie Hoverson’s 19 Nocturne Boulevard and there are plenty of goodies at the website for you to check out, with a heavy focus on horror. H.P. Lovecraft is an author 19NB likes to tackle and here we have the group’s take on one of my favorite tales, The Temple.

In The Temple, a German U-Boat crew discovers a strange idol on the remains of a victim of their most recent sinking. In time the naval actions of the Great War will be the least of the crew’s worries as they sink into the depths of madness and terror.

So hit the lights and get ready to learn the fate of U-29 and her crew in 19 Nocturne Boulevard’s adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft’s The Temple.

Download the show to take on the go right here.

19 Nocturne Boulevard: The Temple

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Jeff McAleer

Founder/Editor-in-chief of The Gaming Gang website and host of The Gaming Gang Dispatch and other TGG media, Jeff tackles any and all sorts of games but has a special fondness for strategy, conflict sims, and roleplaying games. Plus, he's certainly never at a loss for an opinion...

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