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TGG’s October Spooktacular – Quiet, Please: ‘Don’t Tell Me about Halloween’

We’re going to finish up the Spooktacular with a little more of a lighthearted tale. Well, as lighthearted as you can get when a man is plotting a possible murder that is… Once again I’ll turn to an episode of Quiet, Please for a spooky yarn to enjoy with your fun sized candy tonight. Sorry to say this is an episode which doesn’t have the greatest sound quality due to the poor original recording.

Married life can be an interesting proposition, especially if your wife happens to be a witch. Or one of your wives is a witch… If that happens to be the case you might be a bit down on a certain holiday and say “Don’t Tell Me about Halloween.”

So enjoy those treats you’ve picked up (or swipe a few pieces from the kids!) and listen to Don’t Tell Me about Halloween as it aired on Lights Out on October 27th, 1947.

Download the show to take on the go right here.

Happy Halloween everyone!

Quiet, Please: Don't Tell Me About Halloween

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Jeff McAleer

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