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Score Five More Free Osprey Publishing Historical eBooks

Osprey Publishing has revealed five more historical eBooks which are available as absolutely free downloads this week. Use the promo code “FREEBOOKS4” at checkout to score great reading in either PDF or ePub formats. Here’s what’s on offer this week:

AEU 15: Jagdgeschwader 52 by John Weal – Follow the story of one of the most successful, if not THE most successful, fighter units in aviation history.

CAM 200: Japan 1945 by Clayton K. S. Chun – The empire is on the verge of collapse as this volume explores the details of Allied plans to bring about the final surrender of WWII Japan.

CBT 27: Viking Warrior vs Anglo-Saxon Warrior by Gareth Williams – Dive into detailed comparisons of both the Vikings and their Anglo-Saxon opponents through two centuries of warfare, as drawn from historical accounts.

DUE 18: M1 Abrams vs T-72 Ural by Steven J. Zaloga – The untested M1 Abrams undergoes its baptism of fire while facing off against the Soviet designed T-72 Ural during the Gulf War.

CMD 17: Bill Slim by Robert Lyman – Follow the career of the famed British general from the early days off WWI all the way through the Korean conflict.

Jeff McAleer

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