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Sounds of Adventure – Doctor Who Audio Dramas Humble Bundle Enters Final Days

Doctor Who: The Lost Stories (Big Finish)Big Finish and their lineup of exceptional Doctor Who audio dramas are the focus of a current Humble Bundle. You can jump aboard the Sounds of Adventure – Doctor Who Audio Dramas bundle for a dollar and score two releases or go all in with a donation of $18.00 or more and score all 17 audio titles. These adventures feature Tom Baker, Peter Davidson, Alex Kingston, Sylvester McCoy, Paul McGann, and more! These savings run through August 18th and your donation helps support BBC Children in Need.

About the bundle:

The bundle that’s bigger on the inside

And just like that, the Doctor is in! Make sure your limbs are safely inside the Tardis, because things are about to get wibbly wobbly and timey wimey in these Doctor Who audio dramas from Big Finish! Featuring over a dozen adventures from throughout the Doctor’s long and distinguished career and time with beloved companions, this bundle has everything a Whovian could want.

Get to know a fan favorite better in The Diary of River Song, the intergalactic warlords in The Sontaran Ordeal , or the galaxy’s police in Judoon in Chains. Encounter the Weeping Angels, Sycorax, Scorchies, and all the other aliens and enemies that help make Doctor Who one of the most well-realized sci-fi worlds a listener could explore, and support BBC Children in Need.

Jeff McAleer

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