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The Phenomenon of Mobile Gaming In Canada

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Gambling in Canada has seen a massive transformation in recent years. Gamblers now have the option to play at the best Canadian online casino on a mobile device. Another area that’s blooming is the mobile gaming industry in Canada.

Transformation of Mobile Gaming

It seems like it was just yesterday when the most popular game was Snake on a good old Nokia 3310. Two decades later, and we have a wealth of mobile games at our fingertips. So, let’s discuss the impact it’s had on the gaming industry in Canada.

*Advances in technology, graphics, animations, and the internet have transformed the way we play. There were over 2,300 Canadian gaming developer companies at the time of writing, providing over 7,00 games to consumers. SEGA, Zynga, and Budge Studios are just a few of the most notable ones.

All developers create titles per Canada’s video game regulations, so you know that they’re all safe and fair.

Monetary Value

The mobile gaming industry is a booming market. In 2020, the expected revenue is set at C$437m, 8.8% up from 2019. This value is expected to grow over the next few years, with a projected C$472m by 2025.

However, this value excludes mobile casino games such as slots and table games (blackjack, roulette, baccarat). There are over 19 million Canadians that frequently enjoy the gambling experience from their mobile devices.


In the rise of online gaming, esports has gained momentum too. However, the esports industry has expanded to include online mobile games such as PUBG. Times are changing from when Counter-Strike: Global Offensive took the world by storm.

Canadians can participate in dozens of local and global tournaments and events. The prize pool for these events can be anything from a couple of hundred dollars to millions, giving players an incentive to improve and keep on competing.

In world rankings, Canada places 25th for the mobile gaming experience. It’s a pretty good position, especially compared to the USA, which ranked 35th.

Esports Betting

With the rise of esports, there’s been an increased interest in esports betting. Esports organizations across the board have massive followings and thousands of fans, much like traditional sports teams.

PUBG is by far the most popular from the mobile sector, but SuperCell’s Clash of Clans and Clash Royale are gaining momentum too. You may even notice that some bookmakers sponsor some bigger esports teams, and there are emerging betting markets for multiple games and tournaments.

The Types of Games

According to research, 11.1 million Canadians use mobile games, and each citizen plays a different game for various reasons. However, for the most part, people play a game when they want a quick break from working or studying or looking for something to pass the time.

Many of us open a game when we’re in a waiting room, on the bus or train, or anything that requires little to no mental or physical energy.

The games people play also follow a trend. When the Pokemon Go app launched, it took the world by storm. Currently, the most downloaded title is Among Us. In time, we’ll see it fade into memory, and a new game will take its place.

However, classic card and puzzle games remain a staple favorite for many Canadians, and CandyCrush Saga and its counterparts remain cult classics.


The mobile gaming industry in Canada shows no signs of slowing down, and we can expect it to open many more doors and markets.

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