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5E Horror Adventure Happy Jack’s Funhouse is Out in Print and PDF

Happy Jack's Funhouse arrives in print

Happy Jack's Funhouse (DMs Guild)Just in time for Halloween comes the print edition of the popular 5E horror adventure Happy Jack’s Funhouse from authors Jeff C. Stevens and Remley Farr. The player characters will have to find a way to escape a mysterious and bloody travelling show. The 60 page softcover is available at the DMs Guild for $9.95 or snag the PDF for $6.95.

About the adventure:

— “Happy Jack Loves You!” —

The painted man rode into town, tossing candy and small trinkets to the cheering children. The children, their mouths stuffed with gumdrops, laughed at his jet-black horse adorned with a white saddle festooned with jingle bells.

He introduced himself to the town elders as Happy Jack and asked their permission to set up his attraction in the town square. The elders, seeing the happiness in the children, agreed.

Happy Jack brought with him food vendors and a thrill ride—a large painted attraction which manifested from a leather green and red checkerboard satchel after he placed it on the ground.

All was fun for two days…

A perfectly creepy, horror-style one-shot adventure, excellent for Halloween sessions.

♦ 4 to 8 hours for four to six characters.
♦ Scalable for 3rd-10th level.
♦ High-resolution maps of Happy Jack’s Funhouse.
♦ 15 new monsters, including a Werehippo and Happy Jack’s employees!
♦ A creepy adventure perfect for your Domain of Dread, Ravenloft, Curse of Strahd, or home campaign.
♦ Rules for grimoire, games, traps, employees, random junk, and more!
BONUS: Includes the Happy Jack’s Rare Subclasses suplement with the Jester (Rogue), College of the Clown (Bard), and four new magic items.
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