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5E The Adventurer’s Guide to Theria – Volume 1: Ellara is Now Available

Dungeons & Randomness have released a 5E setting book

The Adventurers Guide to Theria - Volume One: Ellara (Dungeons & Randomness)The team behind the popular Dungeons & Randomness podcast have put together a rather impressive looking setting book for 5th Edition. The Adventurer’s Guide to Theria – Volume 1: Ellara is chock full of area background, cultural details, NPCs, monsters, and more! The 392 page hardcover is available in hardcover for $59.99 through Amazon or in PDF, at DriveThruRPG, for $29.99.

About the book:

From the murky and ominous Yemgar Swamp to the bustling and treacherous streets of Brightport, the continent of Ellara provides endless opportunities and challenging pursuits for brave adventurers. Explore the thrilling, unpredictable world of Theria with The Adventurer’s Guide to Theria • Volume 1: Ellara, following in the footsteps of legendary characters from the Dungeons and Randomness podcast—famous and infamous, triumphant and tragic.

With this handbook as your guide, you will find everything you need to recreate classic sagas from the show or to devise your own epic tales within the world of Theria. Characters, maps, weapons, magic items, monsters, dungeons, and even the cast of the show are at your disposal.

In this 5th Edition-compatible volume you’ll find:

• The continent of Ellara, arranged by region, featuring 25 towns, cities, and settlements—each with their own history, culture, and intrigue.
• Hundreds of stunning pieces of art that bring the characters, locations, items, and monsters of Theria to life.
• The authentic Therian Endurant class, a staple of the D&R podcast, now in the palms of your energy-charged hands. Use the power of the emotional spectrum to lay waste to your foes or protect your allies with powerful, world-shaking abilities!
• More than 150 tables to aid with character creation, random encounters, and every possible occasion.
• Descriptions of bone-chilling diseases, madness effects, and critical hit and fumble tables unique to Theria to make your players cheer and shout in equal measure.
• Slices of Ellaran life, with food, recipes, and alcoholic beverages to make a character’s night out even more eventful.
• Over 300 Ellaran NPCs brought to life, with unique backstories and stats for use throughout your campaigns.
• A spectacular array of unique beasts, monsters, demons, and more to challenge your players.

Theria is now in your hands. 

We wish you all the luck in the world!

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