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A Billion Suns Science Fiction Fleet Miniature Rules are in Print and PDF

A new large scale SF fleet mini rules set has arrived

A Billion Suns (Osprey Games)An interesting looking new set of starship fleet miniatures rules have arrived from author Mike Hutchinson and Osprey Games. A Billion Suns allows players to engage in fleet battles as well as exploration across the tabletop. The 64 page softcover carries an MSRP of $20.00 or get the PDF at DriveThruRPG for $16.00.

About the book:

A Billion Suns is a wargame of interstellar combat that puts you in command of fleets of powerful starships, from squadrons of agile, but fragile, fighters, to hulking and powerful capital ships. When combined with some spaceship miniatures, a tape measure, a deck of playing cards and some dice, this rulebook provides everything you need to play exciting and tense tabletop games of interstellar exploration and combat. Using simple dice pool mechanics, you must carefully manage your resources and seize the opportunities that come your way in order to lead your fleet to victory and assert your dominance over the stars.

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