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A Call to Arms: Star Fleet Main Rulebook Available from Mongoose Publishing

A game that seem to hearken back to the legendary Star Fleet Battles, A Call to Arms: Star Fleet is a game of space combat in the Star Fleet Universe. Throughout humanity’s space-age history, the Federation has come under pressure from many enemies. Now you can play out these confrontations on the tabletop with entire fleets drawn from the Federation, Klingon Empire, Romulan Empire or any one of the many other fleets that range across the galaxy.

From skirmishes involving lone destroyers to the clashing of large fleets against their bitterest rivals, A Call to Arms: Star Fleet is your ticket to exciting battles that take place in the depths of space.

The Call to arms main rulebook includes;

  • Full fleet lists for the Federation, Klingons, Romulans, Gorns, Kzintis, Tholians, Pirates of Orion, and Civilians
  • Over 50 individual ships are detailed
  • A complete campaign system
  • Special Actions that include exciting maneuvers such as the High Energy Turn, or use high technology, such as Engage Cloaking Device
  • As well as General Scenarios, there are also Tactical Challenges, special missions designed to test the limits of your Admiralship
  • Easy to learn rules system that will have you playing in ten minutes, but which will take years to master!
  • Rules covering drones, cloaking devices, plasma torpedoes, and all your favorite ships

This is a new Star Trek Universe miniatures game from Mongoose, with the Federation and Klingon fleet miniature boxed sets due out any day now, according to the mongoose website. The rules are a mere 22 ₤ or about $35.00.

Although, Star Fleet was (will be) formed with peaceful exploration in mind…

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