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A Dark Day in History

Happy Birthday to Jeff, my lifelong pal.  He has turned the tender age of 43 for those keeping score.  I’d break into Elvis now if we were on the podcast.   “A cold and grey Chicago morn, in the city streets another child was born.  In the Ghetto.”  (Ok, he wasn’t born in the ghetto, but that’s the song see)

Happy Birthday Buddy, and Many Happy Returns.

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Elliott Miller

Elliott is well versed in all subjects and brings his expertise to bear on strategy, family, and Euro-style gaming. He no longer actively contributes to TGG and runs his own website at

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  1. I saw the title and was wondering what had happened?!?!?! Oh, sure… It’s my birthday it is true. Just to show what a dope I can be, I mentioned I was 43 on our Episode Zero of the podcast without actually having turned 43 yet. Doh! Just goes to show that you hit a certain age and it’s not really a big deal anymore.

  2. So, you say it’s your birthday… well, mine’s not for a couple of months. Still, congrats, man! Many happy returns of the day.

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