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A New Sourcebook for Pathfinder and 5E Arrives with Along the Twisting Way from Zombie Sky Press

Upgrade the presence of the fey in your campaign with this huge tome

Along the Twisting Way: The Faerie Ring Campaign Guide (Zombie Sky Press)An interesting looking sourcebook from Zombie Sky Press has arrived for both 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder. Along the Twisting Way: The Faerie Ring Campaign Guide allows you to up your game as far as the fey are concerned with plenty of background about various lords, monsters, NPCs, demesnes, and more. The 344 page tome is available in hardcover for $55.00 or in PDF from DriveThruRPG for $19.99.

From Zombie Sky:

Nail down the furniture, and hide the children… the fey are coming!

The Faerie Ring is here! Welcome to the worlds of the fey. You’ll meet fey lords and their servitors and travel to strange, far-away lands.

Most cultures easily rattle off stories of the fey, portraying them in the most colorful of ways. On the surface, the tales seem little more than entertainment and whimsy, perhaps a moral interjected here and there. More often than not, they are so contradictory or ridiculous as to be easily dismissed. However, if you look long enough, you eventually realize that the fey are simply more diverse and complicated than previously imagined.

The fey aren’t like you and me.

In this book, you’ll find…

  • Secrets of the fey laid bare 
  • Fey origin myths, philosophies, and social habits 
  • Wonders of the Preternatural Planes
  • 11 fey lords and their demesnes
  • New fey subtypes, 30 fey NPCs, 45 new fey monsters, 22 fey artifacts
  • And more of the craziness that can only come from the fey

The Faerie Ring brings you the worlds of the fey. From the fey lords to those that serve them. Their lands, their magics, their machinations. Everything you need to bring a fresh dose of fey to your game.

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