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A Witch’s Desire OSR Adventure is Available in Print and PDF

A new tale designed for OSE has arrived

A Witch's Desire (Earl of Fife Games)Earl of Fife Games has released a new fantasy adventure for Old-School Essentials. A Witch’s Desire tasks the player characters with completing a quest for the local Witch of the Wilds. The 26 page adventure is available in softcover with the PDF for $11.99 or just the PDF for $3.99.

About the adventure:

The Debt Comes Due

Will it cost you everything?

Your hamlet has somehow survived the unnatural winter. It is a boon against all the tragedy in the world, and you live in relative comfort. But is the price too high? The Witch of the Wilds once again calls on you to complete a task. What does she want this time? Is it a bauble? Is it a dangerous trek? Soon you will find the truth and either perish at her whim or earn great favor and reward. 

A Witch’s Desire is an adventure for Old-School Essentials and compatible with any B/X game. A Witch’s Desire can be a challenging adventure full of travel and exploration that should take anywhere between 8-12 hours to complete. Inside you will find 26 pages of dark fantasy content, including:

  • A modular dark fantasy adventure that can be set in whatever setting you desire.
  • New travel mechanics
  • A fully detailed map in GM and player formatsThe GM map is included in the PDF itself, however, the GM and player map is also available on their own with your download.
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