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Adventurer’s Curated Dice Collection Kickstarter Funds in Five Hours

Level Up Dice and Paizo Inc have teamed up

Adventurer's Curated Dice Collection (Level Up Dice)Level Up Dice and Paizo Inc have teamed up for a new Kickstarter which launched yesterday. The Adventurer’s Curated Dice Collection offers custom sets designed for your RPG character. The project funded in the first five hours. A variety of offers are available through February 11th with an expected delivery in July 2021.

About the project:

Long ago, in a distant land, it was decided by persons unknown that a set of RPG Dice should have exactly 7 polyhedrals in it. No more, no less. The restrictions of early gaming and manufacturing have created a legacy, but evolution is a constant process. We live in a time where gamers no longer need the 7 die set – in fact, characters are now so unique, that finding two who require the same dice palette is a challenge. 

Now is the time for change.

Now is the time for a world where adventurers forge their own destinies, with their own unique tools and powers.

Our Kickstarter offers you the opportunity to customise your own luxury dice in ways never before available. Have you ever played a Wizard and wished you could have 5 matching d4s for your Magic Missiles? A Rogue who has heard percentile dice rolls exist, but never needed to make one and for whom a d12 is nothing but a paperweight?

No more. Unshackle yourself from the bonds of history and pick the dice YOU want for YOUR character.

The Adventurer’s Curated Dice Collection, presented in conjunction with the Pathfinders Prime themselves, Paizo, will allow you to select specially designed dice for your classes, weapons, damage types and more! From dice that represent swords in their varying sizes, to healing, to dice that represent thunder, Ice or Chaos – these powerful polyhedrae will be available in dozens of colors, making your set completely customizable to reflect your character!

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