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Age of Industry Wins 2010 International Gamers Award

From the 2010 IGA website:

Martin Wallace’s Age of Industry has won the 2010 International Gamers Award.  Age of Industry, nominated in the General Strategy – Multi-Player Category, is published by Treefrog Games and  distributed in North America by Mayfair Games.  In this streamlined version of Wallace’s popular title Brass, players are tycoons in the early days of the Industrial Revolution, a time when traditional craftsman were rapidly replaced with steam-powered machines. Players invest in the production of raw materials, the manufacturing of goods, and the transportation networks needed to connect them.  This is the second IGA for Wallace and the first for Treefrog and Mayfair.

This year’s nominees were:

General Strategy Games – Multi-Player

• Age of Industry, by Martin Wallace (Treefrog Games)
• Dungeon Lords, by Vlaada Chvátil (Czech Games Edition)
• Egizia, by Acchittocca (Hans im Glück)
• Endeavor, by Carl de Visser and Jarratt Gray (Z-Man Games)
• Fresco, by Marcel Süsselbeck, Marco Ruskowski & Wolfgang Panning (Queen Games)
• Glen More, by Matthias Cramer (alea)
• Hansa Teutonica, by Andreas Steding (Argentum Verlag)
• Last Train to Wensleydale, by Martin Wallace (Treefrog Games)
• Macao, by Stefan Feld (alea)
• Power Grid: Factory Manager, by Friedemann Friese (2F-Spiele)
• Rise of Empires, by Martin Wallace (Phalanx Games/Mayfair Games)
• Shipyard, by Vladimir Suchy (Czech Games Edition)
• Vasco da Gama, by Paolo Mori (What’s Your Game?)
World Without End, by Michael Rieneck & Stefan Stadler (Kosmos)

The International Gamers Awards were first awarded in 2000 and were created to recognize outstanding games and designers, as well as their publishers.  The committee members represent countries from around the world and their goal is to give greater exposure to great games and to spread the word of the “wonderful world of gaming.” 

Jeff McAleer

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