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Another Preview Card from AEG’s Nightfall

We have another preview from the newest deck building game coming from AEG, Nightfall. It appears to be  a rather interesting card from the looks of it!

From AEG:


Here is another preview image from our upcoming deckbuilding game Nightfall! Before I talk about the card itself, just some news. We already have ten winners drawn from The First 100 Days contest, from places as wide as Kennesaw, GA to Fukuoka, Japan! If you haven’t entered yet, visit

Also, we have just started an Art of Nightfall page on our site, at Only one image up so far but many more to come!

And now on to the preview! Ivan Radinsky is a powerhouse card. Four strength for damaging opponents, and a full four hit points for taking hits. His chain ability has multiple uses, including clearing the road of potential blockers for your attacks, removing a major threat to you, or bouncing back some of your characters before they are destroyed.

His kicker can also benefit thinning your deck in the early game or removing Wounds in the later game. An extremely versatile card, Ivan will be very valuable in the Nightfall draft stage.

Art by Andrew Hepworth

Ivan is Just Stopping by for a Bite!

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