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Battle Command Volume 1 is Up on the GMT Games P500

Preorder Battle Command Volume 1

A new wargame system from designer Rick Young is up for preorder from GMT Games. Containing both the Battle of the Bulge and Operation Crusader scenarios, Battle Command Volume 1 promises to build on the previously published Fast Action Battles system. The game is for two players, ages 14+, and can be preordered at the P500 price of $49.00 with an eventual MSRP of $70.00.

About the game:

Building on the innovative gameplay of his Fast Action Battle (FAB) Series, designer Rick Young has reimagined the best parts of FAB to introduce a new game system: Battle Command. The goal of the Battle Command system is to provide a fresh and engaging way for various conflicts across different eras to be fought with minimal time wasted on setup and complex rules, making this both a great introductory system for new and veteran players alike. 

Each Battle Command volume includes TWO different games in one box. Volume I brings players to the forests of the Battle of the Bulge, and the sun, heat, and sand of North Africa during Operation Crusader. The design emphasis has been placed on making the game very player-friendly and manageable in its level of scope, difficulty, and time of play. With a low total counter count and density, these quick playing (though still realistic) simulations present players with deep strategy meriting contemplation. A system of map areas has been adopted, and movement has been streamlined.

Battle Command Volume 1: The Battle of the Bulge and Operation Crusader will offer two full games in one box. The included mounted map features the Battle of the Bulge on one side and Operation Crusader on the other. Each game features a 110 card deck, a countersheet, and its own player aids.

“The Battle of the Bulge” will pit the Allies dug in deep on the Ardennes line against a German force late in 1944. Opening with the German sneak attack, players will contend with the harsh elements and supply issues while fighting it out deep in the snow-covered woods as artillery rains down and bullets fly. Players familiar with FAB Bulge will find some similarities with that game but with new strategies and mechanisms to master.

“Operation Crusader” will transport players to the arid desert of North Africa where the British 8th Army faces a combined force of Germans and Italians under the command of Erwin Rommel as the British attempt to circumnavigate the Axis defenses between Egypt and Libya and relieve the Siege of Tobruk in the heat of the North African campaign in late 1941.  Air power, armored units, and precious supplies will determine the winner as two great forces meet on the sand.

Battle Command Volume 1: Battle of the Bulge Map (GMT Games)

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