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Beam Up for ‘Star Trek Adventures: Trouble on Omned III’

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Star Trek Adventures: Trouble on Omned III (Modiphius Entertainment)There’s been a slew of info regarding upcoming Star Trek Adventures supplements this week and now a new mission is available in PDF from Modiphius Entertainment. Trouble on Omned III strikes me as having a Classic Trek vibe as your crew will find themselves in the midst of a clash of castes while millions of lives hang in the balance. Right now you can score the brand spanking new 18 page mission PDF for $4.99 at DriveThruRPG.

From Modiphius:

Can you avert civil war and find a cure for the Omned Curse?

You are called away from a routine science mission to intervene and mediate a dispute that has erupted on Omned III, on the border between Federation space and the Talarian Republic. Inhabited by the Shean, Omned III is teetering on the brink of civil conflict. While few in numbers, the Shean possess an insular and rigidly structured society, with the ruling and military classes living in a single large space station while the working classes live on the planet’s surface.

The Shean of Omned III are infected with a subtle parasite that manifests as an apparent genetic disorder, which they call the ‘Omned Curse’ meaning that they age at a vastly accelerated rate.

A vaccine farmed on the surface of Omned III prevents this debilitating disorder from taking hold but in the last month, the vaccine shipped from the surface has failed to take effect. With unprotected newborns suffering, and recent cases of the disorder beginning to activate in adults, tensions between the upper and lower castes are at a breaking point.

As the situation deteriorates even further, can you find a way to avert Shean civil war and help find a cure for the Omned Curse?

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