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Bismarck Solitaire is Available as an Amazon Exclusive

Bismarck Solitaire (Worthington Publishing)A new solo wargame has arrived from Worthington Publishing. Available exclusively from Amazon is Bismarck Solitaire, where the player leads the famed battleship and its support through a series of WWII missions. The game is for one player, ages 13+, plays in around 10 to 45 minutes per mission, and is available for $29.95.

About the game:

Command the pride of the German Navy in Bismarck Solitaire, an Original Bookgame by Worthington Publishing. Lead the German ships Bismarck, Prinz Eugen, and U-boat support as they take on the determined Royal Navy with one goal, Sink the Bismarck!

You have 8 missions of varying objectives and difficultly, plus two training cruises. Each mission gives you 3 tries to best the Royal Navy. Some missions require you to find convoys, others expect you to sink a few British warships, while some just hope your ships can survive the sortie.

Bismarck Solitaire is a pen and book game. In the book you get a map and orders. You roll dice to see events, move your ship, fight battles, and resolve events. The only thing you must provide is 2 dice, a pen, and a sense of adventure.

A turn is this:

Roll 2 dice and cross reference it to a chart to see events.
Resolve the events.
Fight any battles.
Plot your movement on the map.

Each mission gives you victory conditions. Once you obtain your victory conditions the game is over. Play missions over and over as no two games are the same.

Jeff McAleer

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