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Bruno Faidutti Brings You ‘The Dwarf King’

Coming to stores, from French game design company Iello is Bruno Faidutti’s latest effort. The Dwarf King plays off of a classic card game design to create a new experience. You can learn more about the title at the company website but you best bust out your French to English translation…

From Iello (in English):

The Dwarf King is based on Barbu, a french traditional card game, but is even more cranky. There are dozens of different goals, and a few special cards with zany effects. As a result, Dwarf King is a trick taking game in which every round feels like a new and different game, or like the same game with a new twist.

I’ll be honest and say I’m not really sure how a card game can be “cranky” but I suppose we’ll find out when The Dwarf King hits stores later this month.

The components in French are shown below…

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Jeff McAleer

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