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Building an Elder God on Kickstarter

You knew Elliott couldn’t let a Lovecraft game somehow slip under the radar on yesterday’s The Daily Dope! Building an Elder God from Signal Fire Studios is currently running a funding project on Kickstarter.

From Signal Fire:

That old book you found in that locked safe in the hidden room underneath the Arkham library had some pretty interesting tidbits — including a formula to grow a terrifying tentacled beast. But your friends took a peek and now they all want to grow their own god. You’ve got your trusty twelve-gauge handy to blast a tentacle here and there and make sure your creature grows to completion first. And they call you mad…

Building An Elder God is a casual card game of Lovecraftian construction for 2-5 players ages 8 and up. The rules are easy to learn and a typical game takes from 15-30 minutes, depending on the number of players. Build a Cthulhu-esque tentacled monstrosity to completion before the other players, using damage cards to blast your opponents’ creatures (and slow down their progress) in order to win! Assuming there is no aversion to a little implied violence and the sight of ichor, this is appropriate for friends and families. There are 115 standard cards in the set, plus 10 half-size Necronomicon cards. A four-page rules booklet is included.

Good news … The game is DONE! This is not a project that we will complete if we get funded. We have already completed Building An Elder God. The only work left to do is finalize the box artwork and design, and organize our artwork and rules according to the needs of our printer, and get the files to press. With some help we can get this process started quickly!

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