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Call of Cthulhu Classic 2″ Deluxe Box Set First Look on The Gaming Gang Dispatch #813

I dive in for a first look at what’s inside the Call of Cthulhu Classic 2″ Deluxe Box Set from Chaosium Inc. The 2″ box is packed with classic CofC 1E goodness and carries an MSRP of $119.99. Plus the latest tabletop gaming news from Cubicle 7 Entertainment, Queen Games, Bundle of Holding, R. Talsorian Games, Paizo Inc, UFO Press, and more.

8:43 Tabletop gaming news of the day
29:44 Traveling to Indiana, Gen Con 2022, covering TTRPG publishers compared to trying to cover board game companies, and more
56:12 Cracking open the Call of Cthulhu Classic 2″ Deluxe Box Set
1:35:32 The Gen Con RPG interview contest which runs through midnight Sunday August 14th.
1:38:35 Wrapping up

Jeff McAleer

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