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Call of Cthulhu: Horror on the Orient Express Two Volume Set has Arrived

A new edition of the classic CofC adventure is on the horizon

Call of Cthulhu: Horror on the Orient Express Volume One (Chaosium Inc)A two volume edition of the classic Call of Cthulhu adventure campaign Horror on the Orient Express has arrived from Chaosium Inc. These two books contain over 700 pages, which include everything a Keeper needs to have their players embark on globetrotting mysterious thrills and chills. The set carries an MSRP of $89.99 and is available to order from the Chaosium website and will hit retail in June.

About the set:

The Classic Call of Cthulhu campaign spanning the European continent returns in luxury!

Horror on the Orient Express is back in print with an updated two-volume set, making it more digestible than ever!

What’s Inside

Three identical men found dead in the same room of the Chelsea Arms Hotel. Each of them stabbed through the heart. The unexplained killings see the investigators embark on a thousand-mile journey on the legendary rail service to Constantinople—the Gateway of the Orient.

The Definitive Edition

Call of Cthulhu Horror on the Orient Express Train Cars (Chaosium Inc)Back with an updated layout, the entire campaign is now spread across two epic hardback volumes, and includes a fold-out map of the route across Europe. This is the definitive edition of Horror on the Orient Express.

A Legendary Campaign

19 scenarios across 700 pages, Horror on the Orient Express is a modern classic. The adventure takes the intrepid investigators from London, to Paris, and to the ancient city of Constantinople.

A Tale Spanning Time and Space

Optional scenarios set in in the Dark Ages, Gaslight Era, and the Dreamlands, allow players to experience the origins of pivotal moments of the campaign. Additionally, a scenario set in the modern day acts as an epilogue to the generation-spanning story.

All the Tools you Need

Premium maps, player hand-outs, and full details on all NPCs and monsters make running the campaign easier than it’s ever been.

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