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‘Casual Game Insider Magazine’ Nears Kickstarter Goal

Casual Game Insider SpreadFor the past two years Casual Game Insider has been hitting the shelves of your FLGS and recently publisher Chris James revealed an opportunity to take the magazine onto newsstands and book stores across North American by way of a Kickstarter project. Granted, I might find the reading to be a little lighter and fluffier than my usual bag of tricks (and a bit too chock full of ads for my taste) but it’s hard to argue against the fact the mag has helped introduce new and fairly new gamers to plenty of deserving titles. Currently, the project is less than $5k away from success.

About the project:

An awesome tabletop gaming magazine coming to mainstream newsstands all over North America!

Because of you, we have had 2 successful years of Casual Game Insider. We reach 2,100 game stores, 1,000 subscribers, and several major digital platforms.

Now we have a huge opportunity to spread tabletop gaming far and wide.

We have been accepted by a major magazine distributor who serves mainstream newsstands all over North America, at stores like Barnes & Noble and Hastings.

Expanding onto major newsstands is a huge undertaking with a lot of risk, and we need your help to produce larger print runs than ever. Rewards for your pledge include print and digital subscriptions, reseller bundles, and sponsorship packages. Pledge now to download a FREE PDF of the latest issue immediately!

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