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Chad Jensen’s ‘Welcome to Centerville’ Now Available from GMT

Welcome to Centerville (GMT Games)Chad Jensen (Dominant Species, Urban Sprawl, Combat Commander) has a new game hitting by way of my friends at GMT Games. This Euro-ish style game places the players in the roles of developer types who aim to modernize a small city. Each player will walk a tight rope of wealth and prestige as they look to put the biggest stamp on an urban future. Welcome to Centerville is available now and is designed for two to four players, ages 14+, plays in around 40-80 minutes and carries an MSRP of $59.00.

From GMT:

Welcome to Centerville is a fast-playing board game for 2-4 players. Welcome to Centerville abstractly models the growth and management of a small city — perhaps not unlike the one you’re in right now.

Players act as entrepreneurs, tycoons, politicians and other local movers and shakers working to develop a modern urban area. Fortunes will be made and fame will rise. As time goes by, personal milestones will enrich the players even further.

Throughout the game players will roll six dice, keeping some and rerolling others, then implementing the various die faces on the game board. This will result in political offices gained and lost, new vocations learned, acquisition of new land, or the erecting of new buildings.

The end result will be a vibrant community that is revered near and wide — but only the player who has best balanced his wealth and prestige will emerge the final victor.

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