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Circadians: First Light Second Edition is Set for a Summer Release

Garphill Games and Renegade Game Studios bring you Circadians: First Light 2E

Circadians: First Light Second Edition (Garphill Games/Renegade Game Studios)This summer will see the release of a new edition of Circadians: First Light from Garphill Games and Renegade Game Studios. In the game, players lead their teams of explorers on a distant. alien planet. The game is for one to four players, ages 13+, plays in 60 to 90 minutes, and will carry an MSRP of $65.00 when it hits stores in Q3.

About the game:

We were light years from our home, galaxies away, when we first discovered this ancient celestial body. A planet filled with intriguing intelligent lifeforms, not too unlike our own.  Some built kingdoms below the surface of the green seas, while others controlled the desert-filled plains and cliffs.

Among them we found scientists, inventors, farmers, traders, and fighters.  While our presence has been unsettling for some, we have had very few incidents with the locals.  Still, we Circadians, Earth’s famed explorers, must do what we can to ensure peace.  We must respect this world and its hosts.  The heads of Moontide passed down orders from above.  We are to open negotiations with the three clans, in hopes of gaining their favor, along with our own security while on the planet.  We must also collect organic samples for the depository on Moontide.

This is new ground for all of us.  But we must be brave and resourceful.  The future of the Circadians depends on it.


  • Updated art, iconography and various components when compared to the original edition.
  • Players will need to manage their crew (dice) as they visit various parts of the planet for trade, farming, construction and research.
  • Negotiate with the locals, explore the planet, upgrade your research base.
  • Includes new Leader cards, the Allies expansion, and two gameplay variants.
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