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‘Confrontation: Classic’ Miniatures Kickstarter Passes $750K in Funding

Confrontation Classic Box (Sans-Detour)French newcomers Sans-Detour have seen their crowdfunding project to bring the fantasy skirmish miniatures game Confrontation back from the gaming grave quickly smash its funding goal. After launching just yesterday, the Kickstarter project has passed $750K in funding as Confrontation: Classic promises backers at least 178 unique miniatures and other gaming goodies. You can reserve a copy of the base box, which also includes two Battle Boxes full of terrain and gaming accessories, as well as all unlocked stretch goals for a $396.00 pledge. The expected delivery date is November of 2019.

About the project:

Confrontation Classic is a major reference in the world of miniature wargaming. It’s a skirmish game for two or more players, which takes place in a medieval fantasy world filled with legends, heroes, and tales of bravery. Confrontation takes place in the vast setting of Aarklash, a world ruled by warrior nations experienced in the art of war.

It’s now up to you to take command of the armies and impose your rule!

This great Kickstarter campaign offers a complete reprinting of a legendary game. At the start of the Kickstarter, the event box will already contain:
178 unique miniatures, divided between 16 factions (each with their own skills).

Two Battle Sets for play with 2 or 4 players, terrain and game mat, allowing for fast setup.

The rules, tested through many years of play, which are easily learned.

But, most importantly, all of the stretch goals that will be unlocked will automatically and immediately add extra miniatures to the base set. These may be clans or large models, such as the Molochs, the Dragons, etc.!

Confrontation Classic Minis (Sans-Detour)

By backing now on Kickstarter, you’re guaranteed to get the complete edition of Confrontation Classic: meaning the 178 miniatures from the launch and all of the stretch goals which are unlocked. The event box will be available in stores. However, it doesn’t seem reasonable to us to offer it to stores with all of the unlocked stretch goals, as in that situation we’d be getting about 30% of the final sale price, which, to turn a profit on this production, would mean selling it for roughly 1200 dollars (or more depending on how many stretch goals are unlocked). The complete offer you can enjoy here is thus a Kickstarter exclusive.

Jeff McAleer

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